The Rest of Me by Lee Broom


The Rest of Me by Lee Broom.

The Rest of Me is Fearless,

The Rest of Me is Loving,

The Rest of Me is Successful,

The Rest of Me is Giving,

The Rest of Me is ForGiving,

The Rest of Me  ignores temptation, fear and emptiness.



To ignore The Rest of Me is like walking after sundown on an unlit street,
cursing the crutches which support my faceless image,
the excuses,
the justifications,
the incessant mutterings
and the clamor of conflict
intruding on the Beauty around me.

I need no crutches, nor do I curse them; I simply say “Yes” to The Rest of Me……..

I say “Yes” to The Rest of Me’

Happy Easter. Lee.

Whose Okay? Okey Doaky.


Who’s Okay? Okey Doaky. By Lee Broom.

I share with you my experience, strength and hope.


I’m okay –you’re okay.

I’m okay – you’re not okay.

You’re okay – I’m not okay.

I’m not okay – you’re not okay.

Which of the above attitudes applies to the following remarks?

You must learn to accept help from others.

How may I help? Will you help me please?

I need help alright but not from you.

Thank you for offering to help but for the moment I really need to focus, which for me requires solitude.


Note: Sometimes we want so badly to help, that when the act itself is not accepted, we may confuse the lack of acceptance of this act to be a rejection of our love and subsequently of ourselves.

If this is not understood by the one offering to help, the lack of acceptance can be misunderstood and can lead to a situation in which the kind act loses its loving ambience and now appears to be threatening. I have in recent weeks been the occupant of both roles. Each time I learned something. Each time the acquired knowledge came after the event. In one case I was offering to help a loved one and was seemingly rebuked. I was hurt and so was the other participant.

In a more recent scenario I was the object of a loving offer of assistance. My need for focus and solitude was great and was mistaken for a challenge to compete. I was too heavily focused on myself to fully explain my need. It went badly. We are both experiencing emotional discomfort.

Fortunately, in both relationships there is far too much love for lasting resentments to persist.



Think About It.



What is The Greatest Power known to man?

Are their words enough to describe It?

What do we call this Power?

Who possesses this Power?

What possesses this Power?

Where did this Power come from?

When will this Power cease to exist?

Does this Power have Intelligence?

If this power has Intelligence, what does it know?

How much does it know?

How old is it?

What does it do?

When does it do it?

Is this Power dependent on Time?

Does Time exist?

If time exists when did Time begin?

When will Time end?

Is it possible that The Beginning and the End are the same thing?

Was Life created?

If so, Who or What created it?

How was it done?

If Life was created or if Life evolved, when will that task be completed?

Are there enough words in any language to answer even one of these questions?

Will we ever know the answer to these questions?

What motivates us to ask these questions?

What compels us to attempt to answer these questions?

If it were possible to answer all imaginable questions and if all were known would life go on?

Can it teach me how to tie a Windsor Knot?

Wouldn’t it be true that by that by that time the personal pronoun, “WE” found in all these questions would then be the possessor of all Love and all Knowledge?

What is the relationship between this Power and the world as WE know it?

Who has answers to these questions?

Where is it written?

Can there really be enough words in any language to put into a book or a word processor to answer any one of these questions?

Okay now, back to the first question……. If one supposed that the answer to this question and the second, ,,,,and the third is Love, then the rest should be easy, right? Anybody?????

Truth, Bias and Acceptance of Both.


“When the light returns to its source,

it takes nothing of what it has illuminated.”

~ Rumi

When quoting those whose words are Known, do I do so to spread enlightenment or to make myself more attractive? What is most important to me as I mingle with the masses? Reputation? Respect? Affection? Effectuation? When truth is revealed does it then, remain unchanged? Or is the Truth in fact, simply the path on which it travels?


When I read the quote what do I read? Am I reading the words with an unbiased mind? Do I carry an image in my head of the person borrowing the quote? Am I one of many who are currently reading these words? Was it meant only for my eyes? If so, what motivated the person making the quote? What do these questions say about me? What do these questions say about you?

It is this that I seek to escape in order to fully appreciate anything addressing my attention. Everything that we know (believe) is a bias. Everything we know (believe) adds to that which seeks to inform us.

Can we remain objective?

We can, with practice become Aware.

We can, with practiced humility, Ask for enlightenment.

We can, with humility meditate with the goal of emptying our minds.

We can, with fewer thoughts, then be grateful.

To allow ourselves to Be has been described as Being Grateful.

My goal for today is to Accept the Love and Pass It On.

By Lee Broom.

Live Serve & Move Along.


Competitive spirit, the will of the weak
Line item listings
Of proof.
Wasted moments of life without purpose
Long of tooth.

So where are they now; What purpose was served
What evidence
Did  survive?
(Arms out. Now walk. Now jump up and down.
Signs of Life.)

Competitive spirit; no more to be seen.
Line item listings
Service to Other; a life now with purpose
Confidence second to
Life again moving

By Lee Broom
From Leadership: A Love Story.



Stop, Stop

This BE way too much

Can’t stand this stuff.

No thought included.

Crap exuded through the lips

Of one who cannot see. Has ears

But cannot hear; (there are no eyes inside).

Still the chatter

IT’s self aways

And sways

And says



“This is IT”

(Hearing only IT’s


((Hearing only IT’s



Poetry by Lee Broom
Photography by Dave Wood.

Time and Tide (in Parentheses)


“I wonder”, mused Rupert momentarily, taking time to place a portion of his current subject into mental parentheses, “is it possible that when ALL is known that TIME will cease to exist? If it ceases to exist sometime in the future, does it exist now? If it does not exist now , then is there no future? And if there is no future do I exist Now? Is there a ‘Now’?”

Rupert rarely panicked but he was beginning to fidget and a tic that he had inherited from Great, Great Grandfather Rolf was blinking rapidly, just above the long scar on his right cheek which had been inherited from no one and acquired while valiently defending Karina last year  from the  Fourth Street Gang, a gaggle of uncivilized inhabitants of that area between Third and Fifth, just east of Robinson deep within the odiferi=ous  bowels of a rapidly dying American city.

Rupert was searching for that momentarily arrested thought, the one which he had so carefully placed into an imagined parentheses in that 8 ¾ hat-sized space between his ears. Apparently Rupert had  learned little from this experience of moments ago and had apparently  not yet been warned that Time and tide wait for no man; he quickly created a new parentheses.

(“I can/t let Karina see me like this. This thought will return. I am sure of it. There will be another Time.”)

By Lee Broom
From The Precarious Adventures of Rupert and Karina

A Prayer: The Mystery of the Miracle of Doing the Next Thing

thanksgiving, komorne hurka, zimichka 102

Every thought is either a Discovery or an Affirmation, every new experience a building block in a fortress of personal bias. To be accused of being judgmental or said to be guilty of personal bias requires no defence; simply reply with eyes wide open and a smile on the lips, “Thank you for noticing” and do The Next Thing.

By Lee Broom
From Leadership: A Love Story

Mythology in Progress


All of life is mythology in progress.

Twenty observers of any given event would if asked, give varying reports of what they had observed. In fact any individual’s story about such would probably be altered over time. Only in print does a story have an opportunity to remain unchanged. But if a story or a report of an event makes for interesting reading and becomes a part of history, historians are notorious for arguing among themselves over the accuracy of recorded events. And then there are translations to other languages. There may even be translations within the original language as time changes that language into something new.

What is important is not the story but the lesson learned.

From Leadership. A Love Story.
By Lee Broom