What About the In Between Stuff


Sometimes I hear people say or I read words, the effect of which appears to pit the concepts of Love and Knowledge one against the other as though the pursuit of the Intellectual Life is exactly and irretrievably opposed to the pursuit of Happiness.

I then think to myself as I listen to those who are saying such things or as I read the lines of a misled author making this claim, reading and re-reading these words to my simple self several times, saying whoa, this must be wrong. And, I notice that the reason I think this thought is because way too many people believe this for this to be true.

I discovered one day, as I tried to describe to my inquisitive self, a God that I wasn’t even sure exists, that I needed information which could not be gained in the current manner, that manner being to repeat over and over the words of those who had gone before me, the words that I had been hearing and reading up till then.

As I began to question, I discovered reams of conflicting information, deciding eventually to discard these dissonant ideas at least temporarily, succeeding eventually in isolating two and only two Godly Attributes, deciding then and there that these two Heavenly Descriptors were Total Love and Total Knowledge.

I understood that Love and Knowledge were one in the same; each of these apparently different concepts were the historical description of God becoming God.

You may have noticed.

God, it appeared, had evolved as had everything else in the Universe and was currently viewing me from a point so far into the future that He (“He” being a convenient, albeit familiar pronoun) was viewing me from the start of all things, the Big, Big, Big, Big Bang.

To say that God evolved was only stating His Being from far into the future.

If viewed by looking back toward the beginning would be seen as Evolving. Or perhaps it is the other way around. But it doesn’t matter; the two views are identical. They only seem different because we cannot think, even for a second, without describing events with measurements of time.

Love and Knowledge are the same.

Beginning and End are the same.

Alpha and Omega are the same.

Creation and Evolution are the same.

You may have noticed.

I hadn’t noticed because I was motivated by Fear.

But one day I was Inspired by Love.

This is just the Beginning folks,,, or the end,,,, or somewhere in between.

From Leadership. A Love Story
By Lee Broom


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