Whose Okay? Okey Doaky.


Who’s Okay? Okey Doaky. By Lee Broom.

I share with you my experience, strength and hope.


I’m okay –you’re okay.

I’m okay – you’re not okay.

You’re okay – I’m not okay.

I’m not okay – you’re not okay.

Which of the above attitudes applies to the following remarks?

You must learn to accept help from others.

How may I help? Will you help me please?

I need help alright but not from you.

Thank you for offering to help but for the moment I really need to focus, which for me requires solitude.


Note: Sometimes we want so badly to help, that when the act itself is not accepted, we may confuse the lack of acceptance of this act to be a rejection of our love and subsequently of ourselves.

If this is not understood by the one offering to help, the lack of acceptance can be misunderstood and can lead to a situation in which the kind act loses its loving ambience and now appears to be threatening. I have in recent weeks been the occupant of both roles. Each time I learned something. Each time the acquired knowledge came after the event. In one case I was offering to help a loved one and was seemingly rebuked. I was hurt and so was the other participant.

In a more recent scenario I was the object of a loving offer of assistance. My need for focus and solitude was great and was mistaken for a challenge to compete. I was too heavily focused on myself to fully explain my need. It went badly. We are both experiencing emotional discomfort.

Fortunately, in both relationships there is far too much love for lasting resentments to persist.




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