Open Heart “Surgery”

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When we shout we create victims.
When we put others first we create victims.


Pleasers are trying to avoid being manipulated by shouters but are actually encouraging more of the same.
Shouters are trying to avoid being manipulated by excessive pleasantries but are actually encouraging more of the same.


To overcome unhappiness is to Accept Happiness.
The Search for happiness leads to Sorrow because it exists ONLY in Tomorrow.
Acceptance exists ONLY in the Present and requires ONLY an open heart.



Little Known Facts About Trash.


A Conversation Between Curious Abner and The Psychedelic Toad


Curio:     Hey Psycho, ya want some peanuts.

Psycho:  Nah, I eat bugs, Man.

Curio:     Carnivores need fiber too.

Psycho:  Don’t think so.

Curio:     I don’t believe this; I just now finished eating one half cup of
peanuts on the half shell. The trash from my snack fill a cup.
Why do you think that happened?

Psycho: The “Why way” is a highway paved with excellent intentions but
which travels through an orchard populated with wormy apples.

 Curio:     Okay Wiseguy, I’ll ignore the inane metaphor and ask you what
you think my question should be.

Psycho: You’re way ahead of me Curio; that was the right question.

Curio:    Really!! So what does your Royal Hoppiness think my next
question should be?

Psycho: Dude… That’s three great questions in a row. Go for it. You are definitely on a roll.

Curio:    I am? So, how’s by come I ended up with more trash than I
started with?

Psycho: I’m not sure Curio. Are you talkin’ about the way you eat or
the way you think?

A Few Minutes in the Life of a Docent at the Gallery@CityHall.



In March of 2013 I was accepted as a docent at the Gallery@CityHall. Lee Broom.


(Visitor enters the gallery and begins asking questions about the photography. We exchange memories of our knowledge of various buildings.)


Visitor: Are you the resident docent?

Lee: I am.

Visitor: What does a docent do?

Lee: Dispenses information, asks questions, reads body language…

Visitor: Really! And my body language….What secrets does my body language reveal?

Lee: It tells me that you are a very inquisitive fellow and that you might be an architect.

Visitor: Not fair, we’ve been talking about buildings already.

Lee: So are you an architect?

Visitor: Not quite. I’m a mechanical engineer; I studied at ASU. Graduated in ’75.

The conversation lasts for several minutes and two more people enter the gallery.”Welcome to the Gallery@CityHall.”


“Phoenix Icons: The Art of our Historic Landmarks Exhibition”

‘Phoenix Icons: The Art of Our Historic Landmarks,’ features photographs of more than 30 historic Phoenix landmarks, by Patrick Madigan and Michael Lundgren.The exhibit is the second in a series of rotating exhibitions from the city’s historic Municipal Art Collection of 1,000 artworks.

The works in ‘Phoenix Icons’ were commissioned by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program. They include once private homes that have been transformed into public venues and once revered schools reborn as new places to learn. An old department store now houses a restaurant and a former auto showroom emerges as the face of a vibrant downtown park.

The Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission and the Historic Preservation Commission have partnered in this exhibition of photographs that feature views of Phoenix’ first century historic landmarks and portraits of our mid-century marvels, the distinctive architecture created after World War II.”

Eye and Ego Surgery: Final exam.


“Blinded by the light, Cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night…” Bruce Springsteen.



On April 2, 2013 Dr Neil Atodaria removed a cataract from my right eye. My fear was that with glaucoma, macular degeneration and several other scary things the names of which I don’t recall at the moment, would gather as the ghosts of Christmases Pasts and say “BOO”.


The surgeon’s upper torso would then automatically lurch into the scare-sneeze-orgasm pattern. impaling the helpless orb and complete at long last the final demise of this eyeball. In an attempt to prevent the disaster the doctor would reach out with his other hand and bump the hand of an equally motivated surgical assistant, spilling God knows what into the other eye rendering it into a gooey substance which would then ooze out on onto my left cheek.


In the final scene of panic I am listening to a motivational tape of Helen Keller while simultaneously tapping my feet to a dueling banjos kind of voice duet by Ray Charles and Little 12-year-old Stevie Wonder, singing Blinded by the Light. which of course would not have yet been written.


All my friends will surely guess that I, Lee Broom, having been restored to sanity many long years ago had but to endure the luxury of self-inflicted depravity for only a very few moments. It might have lasted longer but Morris called me and in his best Jack Benny impression, shouted at me over the phone, “Now, cut that out.”


But seriously, I can see better than I could when I was four years old when I thought that it was normal to see two moons in the sky at night.


Yesterday afternoon I went for my final checkup. The crippled eye is still crippled but with new lens it has twenty – twenty vision. (SMILE FOR THE CAMERA, LEE BROOM).


Bobby Lee Gettings Oakes Broom.  

A Six Pack, a Hammer, and a Church Key, Please,



It is said that it is easier to break an empty bottle of beer than a sealed one.

It is also said that it  is easier to break anything than to fix it, unless that thing is an undesired habit or a relationship.

Is it any consolation to realize that when a thing is made by man,  that something was first destroyed?

Whatever we make of ourselves requires raw materials, desire and a whole lotta Love.

Lee Broom.

How much for that old pair of Shoes?



How much for that old pair of Shoes?

He fumbled around for some change.

    They’re not for sale, my friend, said she.

Well why are they there for all to see?

    I’m trying to rearrange.


He wiggled his barefoot toes

And wiped his runny nose.

Rearrange what, the fellow inquired,

Those raggedy shoes are about to expire,

They’d go just fine with my clothes.


    I see what you mean, said she,

    I’ll give you these shoes for free.

Could I have some socks and maybe a shirt,

And a pail of water to shed some dirt?

I’m really a sight to see,


    You’re not so bad, but yes.

    I can even give you a vest,

    There’s a pond nearby, you can take a bath

     Here’s a towel to dry and my name is Cath.

He wanted to look his best.


Freddy’s my name, he said

But you can call me Fred.

On return he looked great. Let’s celebrate,

We can get married, I’ll be your mate.

And she rearranged his head.


By Lee Broom