“Okay, then”. A story about Big Bangs and Sneakers.


A conversation with Curious Abner, the man with questions and his pal, The Psychedelic Toad who though warty, is endowed with a spiritual glow.


Curio: (Shoulders slumped, slouching with head down.) Hi Psycho.

Psycho: Hi yourself oh Gloomy One. Woman trouble?

Curio: Mmm.

Psycho: The Rescue Lady, again?

Curio: Mmm.

Psycho: So?

Curio: We finally parted pathways.

Psycho: What rhymes with “parted”?

Curio: Clues?

Psycho: It’s not carted or darted or started.

Curio: Mmm.

Psycho: My point is that whatever she did or said is not the reason for your glum outlook, right now.

Curio: Mmm.

Psycho: Whatever you two did to each other was to fart without so much as an “excuse me”.

Curio: Excuse me?

Psycho: A fart begins because something deep inside of you, something really nasty, needs to get out. When it finally emerges, it doesn’t matter whether it sneaks out like it does with your friend or announces itself with a noisy Broooooom; it feels great to get it out. Do you feel sad when you fart?

Curio: Guess not.

Psycho: Okay then.

Curio: What about my friend? Will she be okay?

Psycho: Yep.

Curio: Okay then.


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