Curious Abner and the Psychedelic Toad get Down.




Psycho: Hey there Curious Abner. You have that lost look on your face again. ‘sup?

Curio: Dude…

Psycho: Well….

Curio: Well what?

Psycho: (The Look.)

Curio: Don’t look at me that way.

Psycho: (The Look.)

Curio:  You’re giving me that Psychedelic Toad look. Stop it please.

Psycho:  Well…..

Curio:  Okay…..I need to make amends with someone and I can’t.

Psycho: What’s stoppin’ ya?

Curio: I’m not sure what to do.

Psycho: Howsabout starting with an apology?

Curio: Well, that hasn’t worked out so well either.

Psycho: What happened; don’t tell me; you forgot to pay your AT&T bill, right?

Curio: Don’t get psychedelic on me, Wart Face.

Psycho: You sure do a lot of bellyaching. Go on.

Curio: alright already; so I write this email, see?

Psycho: An email; okay.

Curio: Yeah, an email; it starts out okay but by the time I get to the fifth line I sound angry

Psycho: Okay……

Curio: Okay. That’s it. I need ideas. Got any?

Psycho: Stop at the third line.

Curio:  Oh.




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