Time: The Memory of Past and Future Events


Predicting versus discovery of future events.

Imagining: the tool of para-communication.


When considering the truth of ideas which cannot truly be tested, it may still be possible to subject’ these ideas to known truths (beliefs). One can mentally remove the variables and work with whatever is left.

Consider this question: Is there a future? To believe that there is a future is to accept the notion that the future can be manipulated. If the future is viewable and the viewer experiences personal change with every experience then the viewers perception of the future no longer exists.

Note that the term “future” is relative to the term “present”; which reveals that “future” is a measurement  however vague, of time. This observation requires that we accept that “time” exists. But having discovered that any attempt to manipulate “time” must change “time”, then apparently “time” does not exist except to give meaning to our questions about Self. If I am correct in my guess, reading the future or remembering the past would employ identical brain activity.

Para Normal Communication however, appears to be measurable, if not dependably quantifiable. Though thought itself defies measurement, my own experience with ESP over the last 36 years leads me to believe that imagination has more to do with delivery of an idea or message than say, “sending”; imagining a conversation with someone occurs on a lower, “day-dreaming” level of consciousness and in my case I have discovered many times that the person I pretended to be speaking with, responded.

It is always a surprise since intention is never a part of this type of  event. I might add that in every case I can think of, the respondent believed themselves to be the initiator of whatever the subject may have been,

I can only remember one parapsychological event where I deliberately initiated a message to another and received a reply. I created a message and wrote it down. I then imagined myself as the other person. I “reshaped my face”, I imagined my new face with typical “other person” expressions and then holding those images in mind I began reading the message repeatedly. As I finished the fifth repetition, the phone rang. My friend made it very clear that the message had gotten through.

My message: “Call me before 7 am.” We were both late sleepers.

The reply: “Are you okay? I just had a dream that you were going to be in great danger at 7:00 am. Are you okay?”

Mythtery, Oh Mythtery


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Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.
Unfold your own myth.”


Does it matter that I got it right?

Must Eleven rhyme with Heaven?

Why not Seven?

Isn’t it enough that I experienced Love?

Must I care……

That I err?

Or whether?

Or never?

Who is to judge?

When will it stop?

Perhaps if I lock……..

The door.

(I shall permit only speechless animals in my life.)

(I shall nod my head and tap my toes to the changeless rhythm of the many Faces of Fear and then I’ll be able to continue with my studies.)

Will I still be able to experience Love?

I wonder what Rumi would say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

(What is so Mythterious, Lee.)


Belief is Everything

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Belief is everything as is the lack thereof. Lee Broom


If God exists, She is the ultimate Know-It-All. Having such an Awareness makes belief unneccessary. But  to thinking creatures (if indeed that is what we are) belief is absolutely necessary for any kind of sustained sanity. If you agree that what you have just read rings True, then can you also agree that our beliefs are altered to some degree with every breath we take?

Do you believe this to be true?

I’m not sure I do; perhaps I’ll give it some thought over dinner.

Any Excuse For a Rhyme.


How many millions are in a trillion?

How many leaves in a forest?

How many souls exist in forever?

How many came before us?

Where is it written?’Where are the answers?

Where is the heavenly Chorus?

When did the Big Bang Beget the beginning?

Is the answer there before us?

What if I told you I knew all along?

What if you held a Thesaurus?

A new interrogative might have an answer

Or perhaps it would simply bore us.


By Lee Broom

Keeping it Interesting

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When life is going the way that I want it, it isn’t really. It seems that way because I am not in crisis. Worse yet, perhaps I actually am in crisis and have not yet become cognizant of the impending doom lurking beyond. Perhaps I need a Seeing Eye dog.

So when life is “going the way that I want it” I think thoughts of “what if?” and “how come?” and “what if?” again.

If I find a few answers and those answers in turn become poems, lyrics or three-minute plays, I am for the moment at peace with my otherwise impatient self.

Notice I did not mention among my creative outlets, the roiling of words into books. I have four such documents in progress and I discover that 30000 words are about my limit.

I don’t run out of words but I run out of reflexive recall. This is the point where I have to go back and re-read what has been written to discover whether I am repeating myself. One of these books is my first novel. This book does not suffer from a lack of continuity; I do have a problem, however with keeping it interesting.

And the there are the dreams………..