An Alternate View

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When opinions reek of danger and

Outlooks collide,

When bias hisses,

When judgment derides,

When prejudice misses

The mark,

It is the absence of “Hark”,

The dark temptation to seekers of Truth.

Alle heil der abend

As last light fails

And discourse galls

The light of Reason.

And feeds on

The mindless nod of

A thousand, million heads.

Shall we do this cries the headman

Sure; whatever.

And then arrives

An alternate view

To an optimistic few.

And a rosier future


As autumn brings a withering reminder

Of thoughtless, irretrievable syllables

This new Ship sails

To sites and sounds unknown.

A few have grown

And risen above the moan

Of grieving masses.

Life as must, moves on.


A Man of Few Words

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He lived Love but never spoke of it. He was impossibly complex, subtle yet obvious, impossible to describe due to what (?), his peculiar sort of mediocrity (?), the aloof quality which was ever-present, whether shopping for a new automobile or when he in his most raggedy attire was on his hands and knees, all brown: I say all brown and dirty, playing marbles with his sons. But one could always depend on him to use only whatever words were necessary to say whatever it was he had to say.


His name was Dixie.

I called him Father.


The pain is gone. (How it works.)

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Letter to a friend.

I met some pals of mine for dinner last evening and after being seated, I started a “Thanks for the memories” kinda thing. Frank said to me “Lee, you never talk about stuff like this; what gives?” I told him that since the accident I had discovered that I was afraid to drive again and that when I wrote yesterday’s post I found myself reviewing the past and wondering about the future and asked Frank if that stirred anything in his mind and the stories began to fly between Lee and Frank and John and Rob..

We usually meet at 6:00 PM on Wednesday evenings; we eat, we kid each other, we go to a fellowship meeting at seven. Last night we missed most of the meeting. Our gabfest was wonderful.

When bedtime came I skipped the painkillers and muscle relaxants and eased myself into bed. At 2:00 AM I awoke in agony. I couldn’t stop the pain. I called family member Betty who helped me to calm down emotionally and then called John and told him what was happening; he asked if I wanted to go to a hospital. “NOOOO” I screamed, “they’ll stick me in a bed which will be more painful.” And John began to talk.

By 3:30 I was calm and pain free. Later this morning I heard from Steve. I had called him during his family trip to Maui last weekend and interrupted a family event; he and his brother were preparing to kayak out to visit a dolphin family. We had discussed gratitude and the affect that the accident had on the subject.

It was good to hear back from him. We spoke again of friends and family and I told him of my talk with John. As we parted company we discussed our families and the opportunity to share with others and yes I would look forward to his open house this coming weekend..

I’m using this day to prepare for court and I will join the dozens of family members later this evening who are currently gobbling turkey and enjoying each other’s company. We will visit over tea and leftover pie.

Love, Lee.


Am I Grateful?

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Am I grateful?


For the near miss on the fifteenth of this month when my head converted a car window to crumbs, emerging with a cut 1/16th  of an inch from the outer carotid?

Or the cut near my right eye; the one which restored 20/20 vision to an orb that was nearly blind,  earlier this year?

Or the strangers who gathered around the cab of my truck after the accident and kept me posted on injuries and blood loss till the trauma team arrived?

Or the trauma team?




And why am I grateful for these things?

Perhaps for a  chance to get to know and love the new members of my rapidly growing family?

Or for the opportunities to serve those who are not feeling grateful right now?

Or for another few walks on those canals where I ran thousands of miles in younger years, remembering……..?







Beds, Backs and Where the Hell Did I Put the Percocet?

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Getting out of bed this morning was awful. It took 30 minutes to rise from the air mattress, followed by 60 minutes of walking with three-inch steps gradually increasing length of stride until pain subsided enough to walk normally.
I added a pain-killer and felt better until an hour ago. I had to take a pill and walk for twenty minutes.  Tonight I will take a pill at 4:00 am and then sleep a few more hours. My hope is that I will be able to rise more easily at around 5:30 or 6:00 AM.
I found a recliner that works and looks good for $67.50 at Antique Trove. It was made for a smaller body and it’s pink but it will work. I didn’t ask if they deliver. I can always paint it black.
Oh yes, there  was a black leather flip-flop for 1800 bucks.


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‘Lo Mo.

A few minutes ago I looked to see if you had answered my email about the accident. No email. Nor did I find one from me to you. So here it is.

I was in a car accident on Friday morning while on my way to the Gallery@CityHall. As I left the stop sign on McKinley and began to cross third street, I encountered another automobile who successfully wrenched from my grasp his version of right-away. Lacerations to my face took five hours to repair and missed my right eye and right external carotid artery by the smallest fractions of an inch.

With the assistance of perkoset I am able to live a fairly life by day but by evening I become an invalid. As these meds will be discontinued next week I am motivated to overcome this problem. I am unable to lie down and have devised a relatively comfortable method of rest. By stacking six or seven large pillows in my lap and as many on each side to hold me erect I then have a place to rest my head. This takes about an hour to prepare.

This description is by no means a form of complaint; I am very grateful to be alive. I am thinking about writing another book inspired by the events that took place in my mind during this misadventure. As I flew through the air I experienced a heightened sense of awareness. I am certain that I can produce 200 pages about the experience of a few seconds. I have already broken down the perceptions of less than a second into 3000 words.

I have rental car benefits on my insurance but have so far relied on friends and family for transport. I am extremely grateful. (I am not one of those who thinks that gratitude is an expression of indebtedness. That would place a price on my spared life which would then no longer be a gift.)