What Came First (and How)



We often ask “Why”
when we mean something else.
Perhaps we mean “What is the cause?”

When you ask “Why”,
Do you mean “What” or “When?”
Would “Where” or “How” then give you pause?

My first guess is,
That we all want to know
A little bit more of The Self

The Ego that drives
The more curious to drink
From the bottle up high on the shelf

Curious Abner
When given a choice,
Today, will ask “How” every time.

No longer is “Why”
As important as once,
When his quest was by reason, sublime.

Today Abner chooses
To practice the “How”, asking Only
“What shall I do next?”

“Pass it on brother Ab
Simply Do the next thing.
Your life is no longer a hex.”



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