Beds, Backs and Where the Hell Did I Put the Percocet?

lafayette compound 012
Getting out of bed this morning was awful. It took 30 minutes to rise from the air mattress, followed by 60 minutes of walking with three-inch steps gradually increasing length of stride until pain subsided enough to walk normally.
I added a pain-killer and felt better until an hour ago. I had to take a pill and walk for twenty minutes.  Tonight I will take a pill at 4:00 am and then sleep a few more hours. My hope is that I will be able to rise more easily at around 5:30 or 6:00 AM.
I found a recliner that works and looks good for $67.50 at Antique Trove. It was made for a smaller body and it’s pink but it will work. I didn’t ask if they deliver. I can always paint it black.
Oh yes, there  was a black leather flip-flop for 1800 bucks.

One thought on “Beds, Backs and Where the Hell Did I Put the Percocet?”

  1. Do you *always* have to walk after taking a pain pill? Is your air mattress on the floor?

    A PINK recliner? Seriously? the color alone will keep you awake! LOL. Paint it? LOL C C Cover it will a blanket.

    You’re going to like the recliner. In fact, Bob slept in his for 10 years.. Even tho he had his own bed. He could breath easier sitting up.

    I also, found that after my surgeries, I recuperated better in the recliners.

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