No Pain No Gain: part two


From 1 26 2014:

What outpatient surgery takes an hour or so and is the least painful surgery of all?
On the other hand what outpatient surgery has the potential for being the MOST PAINFUL surgery of all?
More to follow;  Surgery is tomorrow.

Today 1 30 2014    1 30 2014. Pissin’ sand, so far so good. Xrays again tomorrow.

The Choir of Meadowlark Hill

2 21 2013 The Tree

It began with a glimmer, a sliver of light.

In a matter of minutes the glow was right.

And the Meadowlark sang its song.

Another Lark………… another, again.

A feathery chorus was now on hand

As The Boy mimicked their song .

More Meadowlarks sang along.

And The Boy became a man.

The Year was not New. It was warm,

There was dew as the day took form

Like a voice from Heaven

The boy of eleven,

Joined the choir of Meadowlark Hill.

This morning was more than  a  day in the life,

This newborn man

Met the day now rife

With the pleasance of Trill

On The Hill of The Larks.

On The Hill of The Man.

A  humble young Man

Said Thank You.

Thank You  he said again.

Again and again and again.

By Lee Broom

The Moment of Truth by Lee Broom



True Memory includes the Future.

The Truth of History is that it has no Beginning.

The Truth of The Beginning is that it isn’t here yet.

The Truth of Now is that it never, ever leaves us.

The Truth of Peril is that it is never a surprise.

The Truth of Fear is that it exists only in the future.

The Truth about the Future is that it does not exist at all.

The Truth about the Past is that it  came too soon,   left to fast and never really was.

So what must we, can we (do we want to?) do?

The Next thing?  The Right thing?  The Best thing? The Best guessed  thing?


At all?

May we speak authoritatively about the unknowable?

Is Truth discovered?




The Truth of All is in Forever.

The Truth about The Lie is that it is not.

Every response to Fear, every Smile, every Frown, every Attack upon another, every bolt of frightening, tightening in the gut in the rush to save another…

Every Flash of lightning  (tut-tut), is known to each and warmed by all.

The Truth?


Or Not

The Truth of Now is that it never, ever leaves us.The same is often said of God.

Thank you. L.B.

Hey, Wait for Me.

Lee in Paradise
Hey, Wait for Me.
By Lee Broom

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August 14 2013

In the seventies all was good. My children began to marry. Business was great. The first grandchild appeared. And then another and another. My wife had disappeared with the family wealth but by doing so had given me an opportunity to experience freedom for the first time in my adult life. Becoming a purposefully sober person, also for the first time in my adult life, made it possible to experience this freedom in a way I would never have guessed was possible.

In the eighties I remarried and lost the freedom, lost the business, retired for a year, had a few drinks to feel better, discovered the futility of such a silly choice and returned to sober living. Got a job for a year. Self confidence returned and I began to rebuild my business. During this decade Asian economies boomed, some western economies faltered and the world began to change.

The nineties began with optimism, previously primitive Asian markets grew, enabling countries like South Korea to become first world powers. In North Korea Kim Jong Il, succeeded his father Kim Il Sung, US markets faltered, my own business soared through the first half of this decade and practically fell apart in 1995. I shut down my stores, moved my business from uppity North Scottsdale into low rent quarters in Phoenix, got an evening job and started over.

The new decade began with a stunned Lee Broom working two jobs, running a business and completely oblivious to the problems that the new decade brought to an optimistic America. I lived in an old office, 250 square feet, and questioned nothing. I stayed sober and prayed often.

By the end of this decade I had worked myself out of a short-lived period of poverty, rebuilt my business on credit cards and rediscovered my grandchildren. And their children. The first week of the new Presidential Administration marked the end of Lee Broom Gallery and Design, at least for a few months. I moved from a 2000 foot apartment into smaller but nicer quarters and began to learn new ways to market my wares and my skills.

There is a story woven thorough all this. It is the story of the citizens of the United States of America. In America there are people who will never have anything. This is primarily because they believe this is so. And they may be right. We must care for them and wherever possible help them to move into group two. And there are those who never give up and learn from their mistakes and move on. They do this because this is their reality. These are the people who keep the wheel turning. When a company downsizes those who are released from their careers decide which of these two groups they want to choose as their new reality. Some help reroute success, others know only their loss. During these times of difficulty I have belonged to both groups. There are no dollar signs on the measuring stick that I use to measure success. I have managed to stay in the Successful group more often than not because of another asset that I have not mentioned until now. I tithe. I don’t mean financially because I am not much of a Churchy kind of guy. But as a sober person for more than thirty-five years I have had another occupation which takes up a minimum of ten percent of my time; I make myself useful in the community by helping others. I’ve helped drunks get sober, hungry families get fed, taught oldsters how to use a computer, built a children’s theater, read to the blind and driven old ladies to Church and returned to pick them up when the service is over. Sometimes I even stayed for the service and sang when told to do so.

These activities keep me grateful. And I socialize with others who do the same. Within this group of people I call my friends, are those who are suffering and those who are not. I see people who once ran large corporations presently mowing lawns and cleaning kitchens.

I am 72. I am writing several books at a time and intend to publish this year before my eyes give out. I am learning how to take a business which first relied on retail stores, then upon sales calls and eventually on emails, greeting this new century by learning how to do all of the above and tie it all together with the internet, with social networking, a part-time job and a sense of gratitude to a Higher Power I call Love. I could never have comprehended such joy when I was twenty and driving my long, long convertible with a bottle of whiskey in my left hand, the steering wheel in my right and a very bad attitude. The bad attitude returns occasionally. But not for long.

I love my life and I love living it.

“What is forgiveness?”

bathroom 1 014


From a recent conversation:

He had searched for advice on how to handle one of the most troubling experience of his life. It was worse than losing a client. It was worse than losing a wife. it was worse than being told he had a life threatening disease. “What do I do?” he asked. (How could he not know the answer?) The answer came from an old friend; it was in the form of a question:

Q: “What is forgiveness?” came the ‘answer’ posing as a question. A: “Forgiveness is Love” he replied.     “Forgiveness is the operative description of Love. Love is not a human thing. The human thing is Fear also known as Dishonesty.

The Source for Love (and Forgiveness) is God. So, to experience Love (Forgiveness) is to Accept Love. (But according to Tao tzu and the first Buddha, even an atheist can experience Love simply by doing Loving things for others). 

Still, to lose the Love of one’s children is incredibly painful. And though pain feels like a gift from The Liar of All Things, it  is in reality a ‘ Gift’ from The Giver of All Things.”

The bias of a lynch mob brought his  family together And He began again To write.

The bias is the memory of a family not together And He began again To right… Wrongs.


color029_sJPG_950_2000_0_75_0_50_50 Boy building a model airplane as girl watches. Robstown, Texas, January 1942. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Arthur Rothstein. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

“…LOVE is not simply the feeling that we get when someone
is doing something really great for us. True Love is the Healing
taking place, the very Face of God emerging in both them and us.”

Mother Teresa. 1979



“Knowledge is not simply a list of facts; it is a set of
instructions. That is my gift to you, Grandson. Happy Birthday.” 6.12.1944

Great Grandmother Lena Belle Broom to Lee Broom on his fifth
birthday as she handed over a brightly wrapped package containing
a Webster’s Dictionary.


“Everyone is gifted – but some people never open their package.”

Buddha. A long time ago.

By Lee Broom.


Mythology in Progress

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All of life is mythology in progress. Twenty observers of any given event would if asked, give varying reports of what they had observed. In fact any individual’s story about such would probably be altered over time. Only in print does a story have an opportunity to remain unchanged over time. But if a story or a report of an event makes for interesting reading and becomes a part of history, historians are notorious for arguing among themselves over the accuracy of recorded events. And then there are translations to other languages. There may even be translations within the original language as time changes that language into something new.

What is important is not the story but the lesson learned.

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