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THE GREATEST DETERENT TO TRUTH: the Obsession for proof.

Q: What can be learned when an issue generates only two conflicting opinions?

A: Only that someone has remained silent?


The level of respect due for the beliefs of others must be based not on what they believe but on their ability to gather reliable information.

Popular opinion requires no truth.

Those who join sides miss the point.

Friendship does not come easily to Free Thinkers.

The key to Freedom is Courage. The Padlock is pressure to conform.

If I could persuade others to think as I do, I would encourage them to seek answers to every question that enters their minds and to then question the answers.

I was asked what I revered above all else. “Freedom”, I replied.
“And how do you feel about Fairness?”
“What a silly question.” I thought. “In order to be treated Fairly, one must first lose their Freedom.”

I did not reply.





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I’m not sure of the year but around 1980; I was emotionally distraught, (About what?) I don’t remember that either, but the rest of this short memoir is very clear.

I was driving past Thomas Mall, my mind on a meeting… I pulled  into  the mall parking lot and removed my meeting book from my right hip pocket. We didn’t have cell phones then; a few of us had beepers.

Not finding a noon time listing other than Crossroads and it was already past 12:00 pm, I decided to walk it off. Thomas Mall was only a mile from my Arcadia condo and nearly every morning at 5:30 I joined a couple of dozen folks for a fast – clip, one hour walk past Dalton’s and Diamond’s and Hanny’s; this would be great.

I entered. I walked a few steps. I stopped.

There in Dalton’s Book Store window was a display; it was hawking a new Wayne Dyer Book. Dyer, being a favorite author (he still is), I went into the store and walked straight to the back of the room trodding my memorized path to the self-help department. I was vaguely aware of the Dyer display to my left but my easily distracted persona was already focused on an open book in an easel at the rear of the store. I noted the Dyer location and made a mental note to return to that part of the store, once my curious eye had been sated.

As I drew nearer I could read one word near the top of the page on the right hand side of the book: Enthusiasm.

I was curious, yes I was but I was not at all enthusiastic nor did I want to be. I didn’t like being depressed but at least I knew what to expect in such a sad state. Enthusiasm was a word that brought to my mind, silliness, giddiness and for crying out loud, all sorts of behavior for which one should feel embarrassed when calmness returned.

I argued with myself but continued to inch forward.

(I’m not going to remove the book from the easel,)  (Oh well..) I reached for another copy, flipped to the correct page and began to read. There were enough definitions for the word Enthusiasm to fill most of the page; the one which caught my attention was “…filled with God”. (Now, why didn’t I think of that?)

I bought the book and at a meeting that night I spoke of my experience and that how even for this very objective agnostic I now had an inkling of an  improved view of myself.

The story I thought, was worth sharing.

I’ve been telling it ever since.

Enthusiasm: “…filled with God.”

Abstractions of the Dangerous Kind

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Curious Abner and  the Toad

Curious Abner licked a toad; at least he thought it so.

For a moment or so it looked like a toad, from head to warty toe.

“However” said Ab, “I’m not so sure”, for time seemed awfully slow….

“whatever it was that I did lick, I’m not sure that I know.”

He pondered a moment and then, “Aha, perhaps it was a stool,

Upon which sat a warty toad who made me such a fool.

“Twas the shape” said he “of which I’m not, so sure I’ll ever know…

But lick I did and shape be damned, I think it’s time to go.”

And Abner  left the room.



Entertainment is a major priority in life.

Anything with a nervous system yearns to have fun.
Animals don’t smile with their faces but who can mistake the joy of the family
dog when the family comes home for the evening or the purr of a kitten or the
baby who has learned to laugh. Those of us who do not get enough joy and
laughter, eat or drink ourselves into near sedation; we watch an imaginary world
flash before us on large screen TV, we go to the mall; anything to be entertained.

And then one day we become the entertainer, the child laughs as we punch
the laughter button,  the family dog leaps with delight as we enter the room,
the Love of our Life has a bigger smile than usual because of something we said
with enthusiasm in our voice and the world is suddenly better, our waistline relaxes
as the need for a drink is forgotten and the sun comes up in the East.

And you say
to yourself “Wow, what’s going on here”?

And you look for new opportunities to entertain someone; you are eager to say to
anyone who will listen, “you won’t believe what just happened……….”

By Lee Broom.

Love is Unconditional.

“… I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…” J C Superstar.

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.  The best way to overcome this is to remember to Love unconditionally.

It is very important that we guard against the temptation to place conditions on our Love and learn to love others regardless of how we judge their actions toward us.

If we love only those who treat us right, we first have to Judge those whom  we decide to Love.

As for Forgiveness, it is not an action; it is a state of Being.

Forgiveness is the function of Love.

Love is a gift. Place a price on that gift and it becomes a commodity.

Curiously  Abner;     Do you believe in unconditional Love?
Psycho the  Toad:    That depends.

Good Job? Or Thank You.


How many of us believe that

A: We are made in God’s image?

B: God makes things happen?

C: Since we are made in God’s image then we can make things happen?

D: If this is you, how’s it working for ya?

Suppose the first premise is correct.

And suppose…

A: We are made in God’s Image. God’s image must include Total Knowledge of Past and Future.

B: Total Knowledge removes a need for any kind of protective device. In the material world we call this protective device by different names, all of which fall under the heading of Fear.

C: Total Knowledge, having no need for Fear must be very happy with It’s fine self.

D: The absence of Fear is Love.

E: Total Knowledge is also known as God.

F: Man experiences Fear as a means of protection of self and of family.

G: That which God “does” is man’s doing.

H: The Love, which man occasionally feels comes directly from God.

I: Love resides only in God. Fear resides only in Man.

J: God relies on Material Life forms to get stuff done.

K Man relies on God to experience Love.

L: All of those things which mankind and the rest of the natural world depend upon for safety are absent in God’s world. God does not DO, therefore God does not Plan. God does not DO or Plan because God’s world is PERFECT.


Lee in Paradise

When I dare to share something that is the result of my own discovery I feel fear and often self-respect.

When I affirm values and ideas that mirror your own I have risked nothing and learned little.


When I perform acts of kindness and it is known, I may receive approval.

When I perform acts of kindness anonymously I often experience Love.


If I am to live my life and question nothing, I become another you.

If I live my life and question everything you reveal yourself as the rest of me.


When I can do all these things and not examine the truth of beliefs I may die as an ape with a fuzzy brain.

A fuzzy brain is what got me started. Oh, well.

The Tortoise


Paraphrased is a statement that I made on 10 12 2011 from the lectern at a weekly meeting of a  men’s group whose goals are spiritual in nature.

I believe that The Will of Everything in the Natural World including Man is in fact the Will of God expressed through the Arms and Legs and Wings of the World as we know it.

I was booed and voices shouted out demanding that I be seated.

I returned to my seat.

I went home and rhymed myself a poem.

I posted my poem on the Internet the following Sunday.

I present it once again here today on a newer blog site with improved punctuation.


This wasn’t a first for me, Oh no; I’ve been booed before.

But boo they did and if again I deign to take the floor

I’ll bare my soul and quote no page

But those on which I write.

And right or wrong, I’ll live my life

Directed toward The Light.

I choose to be the Tortoise. The World can be my Hare.

Whatever it takes to be myself is all I have to share.

So round them up my brothers, practice till you soar.

Consensus is the plan it seems,

For those whose plans are merely schemes

And Might is Right (it’s done in teams)

I’ve heard the Lion’s Roar.


From Leadership. A Love Story
By Lee Broom.



On my shelves are the books of many poets. Only three are with me  where’er I go.

inside my head  is Shel Silverstein whose poems made me laugh and chuckle and laugh some more.

“Sarah Silvia Cynthia Stout who would not take the garbage out” fills an entire book; the illustrations are Shel-Art.

Secondly, e e cummings who though possessed by  a sere sense of wry, never wrote a line or told a lie, which left me giddy.

He did  on at least one occasion, plant a smile inside and on another , with a single, well-chosen syllable inspired me to rise from a position of thoughtful repose to stomp around like Tonto’s Scout and voice a shout of quick-tempered agreement to something; that’s all, just “something”.

I ‘ve no name for the third poet but WHO lives in THE LAND OF “IT”. 

I wrote this about IT:



I have no name for IT. But I’ve been to pay a visit.

Allowed there for an instant

(An instant is all I need.)

I need only to know that IT is there.

I knew on arrival, what IT was, where IT was and how long IT had been there.

We knew each other right away.




 I knew that I could never describe IT to anyone who had not been there.

To do such a thing would require a monologue with no reference to time.

Or  of measure.


Sometimes IT comes to me.


Moving quickly I am for a moment in time, a stenographer for the voice of IT.

That may be as close to the truth as I will ever get.