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“If you seek to aid everyone that suffers in the galaxy, you will only weaken yourself… and weaken them. It is the internal struggles, when fought and won on their own, that yield the strongest rewards. You stole that struggle from them, cheapened it. If you care for others, then dispense with pity and sacrifice and recognize the value in letting them fight their own battles. And when they triumph, they will be even stronger for the victory.” 

Darth Traya (Kreia)


A real conversation that took place in May, 1994.

Alfred: What will you do when you lose this store? 

Lee:  I’ll sleep in my station wagon, swim at the Biltmore and eat at AJs.

Alfred: What’ll ya do for money?

Lee: I’ll have fifty thousand dollars stuffed in my pillow.


Straight Lines and Silliness


Do you ever wonder where all the stars and planets in the universe would go if they failed to be pulled from their otherwise, perfectly straight path? Of course, if each object in the universe could ignore the gravitational pull of the first really large object it encounters and continue on its own straight path wouldn’t that mean that every rock no matter what its size, every ball of gas, no matter how big or how hot would all be running away from each other, in which case one must then wonder, if there is nothing in the universe close to Big Rock number 2 to the 5M power, there would be nothing with which to compare the straightness of its path. Right? And given that all these rocks and stars and space dust particles are flying away from each other, wouldn’t they eventually wither away to nothing? Or would they all meet again in the same instant and form the Mother of all Black Holes?

In case you are wondering why I am asking these silly questions, I have been buried in tutorials all day, looking for better ways of using the internet to earn a living.

So why are you reading my silly questions. Perhaps unlike mine, there was some order to your education and you’d like to stop for a moment and leave a comment? Thanks for stopping by.

PS: Under such circumstances would the space dust be flying speck by individual speck on their own individual paths? And also, is it possible that this is actually what is happening? Naaaaah.

And what if I said that these flying objects were symbolic of the human ego and given the premise that everything in nature wants to complete its task in the shortest time possible wouldn’t that mean that………………………………….??????????????

By Lee Broom

MEMORIAL DAY 5 26 2014

CIA Fact Book: Some of the statues at Heroes’ Square in Budapest.


In Oct of 1956 Russian Troops invaded Hungary. Russia’s occupation of that country since WW II had begun to fail. The citizens of Hungary were rebelling and Stalin did what he did best; he kicked ass.

Three months later* as a gunner for the 287th Field artillery, I and several hundred other  young soldiers in my battalion, joined the 101st Airborne and the First Cavalry Divisions and we moved to thewestern border of Poland where a repeat of Hungarian dscontent was taking place.

We were not  told why we were there but we could hear artillery, rattling tank treads and machine gun fire from a nearby town. We bivouacked and did what we could to make ourselves comfortable but there was no sleep because whoever was fighting did so throughout the night. Occasionally we would hear a child crying.

As I lay freezing in the subzero temperatures wrapped in many layers of clothing I thought about friends and family who had died in Korea; I remembered pictures of my father the ambulance driver in WW I; he had volunteered as a medic following as closely as he could in the footsteps of his father, Dr. Bill Broom.

Dixie Broom was fourteen years of age when he enlisted. As an unarmed driver of a four mule team ambulance making several trips a day to the front lines, he must have been afraid. Courage of course, comes only to the fearful. I was afraid but memories of the photos of my Father Dixie gave me strength.

The next morning as we stood shivering in the chow line with our mess kits rattling and our stomachs grumbling, the fire fight stopped. We had breakfast and went home.

Two months later I was touring with the Second Division in a traveling variety show called “SWonderful MC’d by Gary Crosby. Not much of a war story but it is my war story and that night on the Polish  Border is one which will be with me always.

*To the best of my memory.

Lee Broom,



The Man of the House

2013-07-2013 pearl harbor attack

Pearl Harbor

December seventh , 1941
7:53 AM: The first wave of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Within minutes crippled battleships began to sink.

8:55 AM. The second attack lasted less than an hour. 2,403 people died. One hundred and eighty-eight airplanes were destroyed. Eight battleships were left with little to salvage.

Oklahoma City

December ninth, 1941

A young man clad in olive drab uniform was on his knees, his head still slightly above that of his two and a half-year old son. They were in a second floor walk-up, a one room apartment in not too bad section of town a few blocks north of downtown Oklahoma City.

“Bobby, Uncle Sam has ordered me and a lot of other fathers to defend our country from the Japanese.” said the young father. With the news coming over the radio Bobby had added to his vocabulary some new words and phrases among which were Uncle Sam, Japs, Pearl Harbor and Battleship.

Father went on to talk about Pearl Harbor. He explained to his son that Bobby was now the head of the household and that as such, he had to take care of the family. Hundreds of thousands of young fathers were passing on the mantle of masculine responsibility to their sons and their sons understood.

And so did Bobby. But for this young man it was obvious that this was more than a common American ritual of the day.

As Bobby nodded his head yes, he was very aware of his assignment. This was not a new list of duties that had to be carried out on a daily basis; this job already had a job description and Bobby had been writing it and reaffirming it on a daily basis for some time now. Bob senior had been pulled away from a job as a valet at the parking garage a few blocks away at the Black Hotel; his studies at Oklahoma City University had also been interrupted. Bobby was already caring for an alcoholic mother and a six month old baby brother and had been for months now.

He hugged his father and watched with caution as his Mother said good-bye to her husband with a cursory hug and a peck on the cheek. And his job officially began as he held mother’s half empty bottle of beer while she bade adieu.



Day 1: The memory of all events begins simultaneously with the physical occurrence of the first.

Day 2: Eternity occurs in an instant.

Day 3: The Memory of Forever occurs in less than a trillionth of a second.

Day 4:  God begets His Great Self with the SNAP of His Metaphysical Fingers.

Day 5: Every event but the first one is a response to the one before it.

Day 6: The result: Total Knowledge of past and future events.

Day 7: The result: Total Love.