what? how’s that again?


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How introduces Logic
What says HERE, do This.

How seeks Truth if only.
What seeks proof of a Kiss.

How is  based on Love alone.
What says you wouldn’t dare

How is the way of the Tortoise.
What is the way of The Hare.

How is the flight of the Albatross
Whee is the way of the Free.

What is the Law, the Rule of Thumb
Free is the How for me.




2013 Prius V class 5

http://www.autogaleria.hu -


You are so resourceful that I hope you don’t mind that I recruit your help, again. I’m planning a BIG trip come August for a couple of months.
It’s like an SUV and gets 44 MPG. Can’t find anything in MI b/c Toyota only has 3% representation due to peeps having strong brand loyalty to the Big 3.
So I’m looking west, since that’s where I want to end up for this trip. Have called dealerships in Santa Rosa, CA, Eugene, Oregon, Las Vegas, NV… so far, coming up ZIP. 😦
Here’s the other specs I’m looking for:
2013 Prius V class 5
Color (very important! 😉 SILVER
Leather seats
Moon roof
Low mileage
Advanced technology package
If a car is found, hopefully you or someone you know can check it out, I’ll fly out to pick it up and then continue my photographic journeys westward (itinerary not set in stone, yet).
Hope to hear from you!
2013 Prius V class 5
Color (very important! 😉 SILVER
Leather seats
Low mileage
Advanced technology package







Everything we think, everything we do, every feeling, the pain, the joy, admitting we are wrong, bragging that we are right, all the events in our lives whether we  are aware of them, define who we are.

We come into the world with very little to identify us as individuals and in less than eighteen months we have acquired sufficient bias to influence our path through life and we have done so with naught but a sprinkling of words in our limited vocabulary. We have only begun to explore, yet we have already decided whether to greet the world with a frown or a smile, we have begun to refine our choices by balancing one trial with another and we have acquired an enormous amount of power over the giants who care for us.

Will we rule with a loud voice or with laughter? Will we become leaders, followers, scholars, entertainers?




Photography Olivia Newton John


Brother Lawrence Hogan was a  man of great influence and a man of even greater kindness. In the rooms he was just Larry. To those who knew him he was the kind of guy that Robert Ludlum modeled his lead characters after. But unlike the dashing,  Ludlumesque heroes, Larry’s stories were true.

Without Brother Lawrence’s powers of political persuasion for example, the Franciscan Renewal Center would still be a getaway for those with something to hide. It would still be a resort owned by underworld figures.

And because of Larry I learned to mingle with the Rich and Famous. And because of Larry I now have stories to tell and ideas to sell.
And because of Larry and others like him I can do what I do without a drink in my hand.

But perhaps the most important thing that my friend ever taught me was how to be a man.

When he was in his early seventies it was decided by Church Superiors that he was no longer useful and that it was time to enter a nursing home.

I helped him to dispose of what few material goods he still had; in his late forties he had already given his millions to The Church, resigned his post with the United States Diplomatic Corps and entered into service as a Franciscan Friar. His Windsor knot was replaced by a Brotherly Bolo tie, his Washington  D. C. black striped  suit by a large brown bag and a rope around his middle.

Larry planned every detail of his transition from being needed to not;  when I finally delivered him curbside to the Catholic Institution that was to become responsible for his care he was greeted with the pomp and propriety one would expect for a Bishop or better.

Life as he knew it ended for Brother Lawrence the moment he passed through the portal of his new home.

Within days Brother Lawrence Hogan lost his mind.

Within days Brother Lawrence Hogan lost his life.

As one of Brother Hogan’s Heroes  what did I learn from his last lesson?

When those around me start regarding me as a service committment perhaps it is time to re-evaluate.

Am I serving others or myself?

Am I at peace with myself?