ODE TO YOUNG TOM by lee broom

Lee in Paradise

im waiting for the words to come the commas the phrases the images and punctuation and the words and such and they will of course if I wait long enough whereas mom if nearby would stop by and with a glance point here and there and with nary a word of critique  nod at this and that in approval but shes not here anymore whos that at the door Jehovah who bye bye

(‘ve read and heard it said that when Young Thomas Edison’s stream of conciousness outdistanced his ability to record the evidence thereof,  he simply ran  words together, leaving it to Mother Edison, his teacher at the time, to interpret these ideas.

Much of Edison’s unique literary expression survived into adulthood and though not as extreme as his childhood notes were quite untamed and apparently the result, not so much of impatience but of the need to get his ideas on paper in their entirety.) 




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