hotograph by Olivia Newton John
Subject: Brother Larry Hogan OFM

When the Weak experience Strength

And Joy replaces Tears of Grief

When the Desperate, Hope

And LOVE dissolves Fear

When indecision appears

Those who trust, Do

Those who Don’t,

Do “Right”.


About That Roll by “aka Popeye”

lafayette compound 007

Enjoy yourself

(I’m sure you will)

And when you’ve sated

Your need for swill,

Then stop.

Look around.

Are you the only act in town?

Has it abated?

Your grand design

How do you rate it?

Don’t stop now.

You’re obviously on a roll*.

By Lee Broom aka Popeye (A recent nickname) inspired once again by his Burger Lovin’ Buddy, Wimpy (who in a moment of confusion, thought that  aka Popeye had been created in His own image.)
*The roll was Wimpy’s favorite food. Actually, a hamburger bun, this roll became the iconic metaphor for chubby cheeked Burger “Kings” everywhere, a foil to Popeye’s vegan preferences symbolized by the greenest grub on Planet Earth, spinach, which came only in cans and turned otherwise wimpy fellows and even a Mouse I am told, into Mighty Men and one Rambunctious Rodent.

A Solution for Finding Lost Stuff.


When you pray, whaddaya pray for?

Me? I’m an atheist.

Cool. So whaddaya pray for?

I told you; I’m an atheist.

Okay by me. So, whadaya pray for?

I give up. What do YOU pray for?

I ask for help in locating stuff that I’ve mislaid.

Really? Like what, for instance?

My cell phone for one thing. I lose it frequently.

Yeah? What else?

I lose my glasses a lot.

Anything else?

Umhmm; I pray for mislaid qualities like courage, honesty, acceptance; that sorta thing.

You do, huh? Who do you pray to? What do you call this God of yours?


Suit yourself. I’m still an atheist.

Really? Why?

Why? Because there is no evidence of A God anywhere.

Would you like me to pray for some evidence for you?

Do what you like.

I just did.

You just now prayed for evidence for me? What did this God of yours say.

He asked me to invite you to call anytime. He said He’s not going anywhere.

Father, huh?


A Few Basics

59 Caddy 1-4 004

During the last couple of physically aggravating weeks I was encouraged and empowered by following these basic bits of advice.


1; Question everything or live the life of The Lemming. Mother.

2: Look it up in World Book. Father.

3: Do what you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do it (and don’t do what you’re not supposed to). Jim.

4: Trust God and do the Next Thing. Meister Eckhart.

5: Be courageous and ask. Morris.

6: Nobody warned me. The Lemming.

Any Excuse For a Rhyme.


How many millions are in a trillion?

How many leaves in a forest?

How many souls exist in forever?

How many came before us?

Where is it written?’Where are the answers?

Where is the heavenly Chorus?

When did the Big Bang Beget the beginning?

Is the answer there before us?

What if I told you I knew all along?

What if you held a Thesaurus?

A new interrogative might have an answer

Or perhaps it would simply bore us.


By Lee Broom

The Choir of Meadowlark Hill

2 21 2013 The Tree

It began with a glimmer, a sliver of light.

In a matter of minutes the glow was right.

And the Meadowlark sang its song.


Another Lark………… another, again.

A feathery chorus was now on hand

As The Boy mimicked their song .

More Meadowlarks sang along.

And The Boy became a man.


The Year was not New. It was warm,

There was dew as the day took form

Like a voice from Heaven

The boy of eleven,

Joined the choir of Meadowlark Hill.


This morning was more than  a  day in the life,

This newborn man

Met the day now rife

With the pleasance of Trill

On The Hill of The Larks.

On The Hill of The Man.

A  humble young Man

Said Thank You.


Thank You  he said again.

Again and again and again.

By Lee Broom