kid artist

God: Good morning Toad.

Toad: Who said that?

God: It is I.

Toad: And it is I who just asked “Who are You”.

God: I Am.

Toad: You Am Who, Mr. Magoo?

God: I Am that I Am.

Toad: Oh I get it. Show yourself Popeye.

God: I am that I am.

Toad: Now I remember; I heard this bit in a Bill Cosby standup routine fifty years ago.

God: Righhhht.

Toad: So what’s happenin’ Big Guy in the Sky?

God: You are “happening”. I am “Being”.

Toad: Righhhht.

God: By the way I am out of the psychedelic toad juice that keeps me going.

Toad: Sure thing Big Guy, help your Self. Just pick me up and milk my back.

God: That would be “doing.

Toad: Doing? Now that’s a subject that been buggin’ me for a while now. Just exactly what do you do? From what I hear, You’ve been pretty busy. What do you do anyhow? Like, what’s your job description.

God: I have none.

Toad: Yeah, well that’s not what I hear.

God: And what do you hear Psycho?

Toad: I hear you make people from scratch and that you kill everyone you don’t like.

God: Psycho, I love you, Psycho. Do you know what Love is?

Toad: Hmm. I think so. I hear it’s unconditional; is that right?

God: That’s right, Psycho.

Toad: You don’t really get high do ya?

God: Not really.

Toad: I said some bad things to a friend of mine yesterday. Can you forgive me for that?

God: I don’t “do” stuff, remember?.

Toad: So how can I be forgiven.

God: To forgive is not a verb; it is a state of being.

Toad: Is that supposed to be an answer?

God: Toad, do you believe I Love you?

Toad: I guess so.

God: Love is also not a verb. In fact Forgiveness is the definition of Love. Love is a state of being. As is Forgiveness, as am I. You are a part of me.

Toad: What part Boss, what part am I?

God: You are the verb Psycho. You are my fingers and toes, my kiss on your nose.

Toad: A verb? I’m just a verb? Am I supposed to do something besides hop around the garden and slurp the juice from dragonflies?

God: Accept the Love, Psycho. Accept the Love and pass it on.

Toad: Ribbet.

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