September Eleven

If two strange men in a strange, unpopulated land encountered each other after years of wandering afoot, each with the memory of having survived a war which apparently had killed everyone else, would these two wanderers prepare to fight, shake hands, embrace…?

What would they do?

Suppose they each thought their way through all the possibilities and each decided, independently of the other to explore avenues of communication; they exchange names, and then what? Would they begin with their own language, then explore their way through whatever other linguistic possibilities occur to them?

Two weeks ahead now; these two have developed a language of a hundred words. They hunt. They share knowledge of plants and reap, clean and eat what they dare eat, they capture, cook and eat whatever they are able and they talk. And their language grows. Do they argue? Do they compete in any way? Or do they place as a higher priority, the accumulation of knowledge? Will opinions and biases of group knowledge from previous lives motivate them?

Assume the obvious that they are aware of sexual needs and being the heroes that they are,  decide that the highest priority is to find women and begin to repopulate, what then; do they remain where they are and wait for new arrivals? Do they break camp and begin wandering once again? What direction? Certainly they need not back track. Or perhaps they should. They both came from densely populated areas. Perhaps there are other survivors who were slower to emerge from the rubble.

These questions and the activities which inspired them were the events of the dream which compelled me to greet the world.

Enjoy your day.


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