About That Roll by “aka Popeye”

lafayette compound 007

Enjoy yourself

(I’m sure you will)

And when you’ve sated

Your need for swill,

Then stop.

Look around.

Are you the only act in town?

Has it abated?

Your grand design

How do you rate it?

Don’t stop now.

You’re obviously on a roll*.

By Lee Broom aka Popeye (A recent nickname) inspired once again by his Burger Lovin’ Buddy, Wimpy (who in a moment of confusion, thought that  aka Popeye had been created in His own image.)
*The roll was Wimpy’s favorite food. Actually, a hamburger bun, this roll became the iconic metaphor for chubby cheeked Burger “Kings” everywhere, a foil to Popeye’s vegan preferences symbolized by the greenest grub on Planet Earth, spinach, which came only in cans and turned otherwise wimpy fellows and even a Mouse I am told, into Mighty Men and one Rambunctious Rodent.


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