A Conversation Between Curious Abner and The Psychedelic Toad


Sound effects: Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch…

Curio:     Hey Psycho, ya want some peanuts.

Psycho:  Nah, I eat bugs, Man.

Curio:     Carnivores need fiber too.

Psycho:  Don’t think so.

Curio:     I don’t believe this; I just now finished eating one half cup of peanuts on the half shell. The trash from my snack fill a cup.
Why do you think that happened?

Psycho: The “Why way” is a highway paved with excellent intentions but which travels through an orchard populated with wormy apples.

 Curio:     Okay Wiseguy, I’ll ignore the inane metaphor and ask you what you think my  question should have been.

Psycho: You’re way ahead of me Curio; that’s the right question.

Curio:    Really!! So what does your Royal Hoppiness think my next
question should be?

Psycho: Dude… That’s three great questions in a row. Go for it. You are definitely on a roll.

Curio:    I am? So, how’s by come I ended up with more trash than I
started with?

Psycho: I’m not sure Curio. Are you talkin’ about the way you eat or the way you think?



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