Can a lemming transform itself into an eagle?

Perhaps; perhaps not.

But know that if the lemming succeeds, others will follow.

“The skies grew dark with eagles in search of a cliff.

Eventually, there was no available nesting space and eagle war  ensued to determine who would survive and where.

The favorite food of eagles  is now the lemming but few remain and the search for food returns to field and stream.

Lemming pelts became much more valuable than lemming flesh.

Hunters learned to scale cliffs and to reach the “eagalitarian” abodes killing eagle families to recover the lemming pelts upholstering the nests of twigs.”

Are you expecting an end to this story?


The end.


Lee in Paradise
epublished from  27 Nov 2013

Am I grateful?


For the near miss on the fifteenth of this month when my head converted a car window to crumbs, emerging with a cut 1/16th  of an inch from the outer carotid?

Or the cut near my right eye; the one which restored 20/20 vision to an orb that was nearly blind,  earlier this year?

Or the strangers who gathered around the cab of my truck after the accident and kept me posted on injuries and blood loss till the trauma team arrived?

Or the trauma team?




And why am I grateful for these things?

Perhaps for a  chance to get to know and love the new members of my rapidly growing family?

Or for the opportunities to serve those who are not feeling grateful right now?

Or for another few walks on those canals where I ran thousands of miles in younger years, remembering……..?





bathroom 1 014




If nothing new is written, the absence is noted by a few.

When reports are polished and gleam with the sheen of community bias.

When Leaders are replaced  by noisy followers,

Growth subsides and  is mimicked once more,

Protecting the status quo,

The ebb and flow

And signal the seductive return of serenity.

When discovery is recorded,

When an artist unveils,

When  science confirms a new idea

When   the remarks of a 110 yr old lady reach our ears,

Her wrinkles seem attractive.

We all feel safer.

We return to an earlier focus,

Now enhanced by the absence of previously tight abs.

The shallow breathing and the furrowed brow are forgotten

And, we relax.

It’s all good says  Dixie

And life goes on.


Lee Broom

“Contempt prior to investigation” is a phrase often used as a manipulative guilt ploy to persuade an audience of one or many, to be silent and to listen. It is assumed that the listener will seek to avoid feeling bad about themselves and focus on what the speaker or writer has to say. Investigation is not the intention. For those interested in knowing the truth about anything, investigation is a tool for learning. What the compliant listener does however, is to allow others to influence their thoughts.

Every seminar, every sales-pitch, every boot-camp sergeant seeks to remove the biases of the audience, therefore making it possible to replace those old biases with new ones.

Investigation requires asking questions, testing ideas and actually learning. We were doing this before we could walk; we can do it still.

If truth resides in the words of this new information it can be easily discovered. Stay in the moment, seek to think objectively, without bias; think; ask questions; investigate. 

Listen to the new information. Attempt to keep yourself free of your own biases as well as those you may be hearing for the first time. No living creature possesses sufficient information to make all the right choices but the fact remains that each of us is responsible for every bit of information that enters our brains even that which slips by us from the mouths and minds of others.

There is no price for Love either in dollars or hugs. Love is Unconditional.

Accept the love and pass it on.


bathroom 1 014

I read somewhere that the world looks exactly the same whether coiffed in long hair or shaved to the scalp, whether clad in  blue denims or a three-piece suit.

So what happens to the power of affirmation, perception and the ever-changing view of the world beyond?

Look it up in World Book my father would have said. Try Google. I’d say. (the answer isn’t there either.)

Today I wore  the jacket to my DC suit over tattered  jeans with a dozen or so frayed rips and tears. They both gave me great comfort. Each garment was bought at Nordstoms in 1983.  I wore them with pointy toed shoes from the same shopping trip.