Lee Broom



Competition is self-defeating.

Winning is deceiving.

Losing is a misconception.

The only losers are the winners.

The person who “loses” is given an abundance of information about how to improve. “Winners” know only that they set a new record; perhaps they have a trophy to attest to that one insignificant fact.

The real winners are those who share what they have and are grateful for what they receive.

Competitors are those who try to take what others have. These are the real losers for they miss the opportunity to think well of themselves. The way we feel about ourselves is linked to the way we think about “doing” vs. “being”. Competitors believe that the nicest thing they can say to someone is “good job” and would never, ever thank anyone for anything. If someone thanked a person of this ilk, the response would be “no problem” which is inappropriate because the person who says this is the only one who thinks a problem must exist.

The person who thanks someone is expressing gratitude. The person who thinks in terms of doing a good job and who believes that competition is a good thing knows nothing of Being; their whole lives are tied to Doing. They believe that the expression of gratitude is a way of vocalizing an IOU when it is really an expression of appreciation. These people are easy to spot. In addition to the clues given in this report, they also frequently fold their arms over their chests and talk in a monotone.

I know because I was once very competitive. Someone led me to an easier, softer way, half a long, lifetime ago. It was on my mind this morning because the old way of thinking has been creeping back into my conversations today, with civil servants of all people. I can’t change them. I can’t teach them to suddenly start thinking logically. But I tried, and…

I accomplished nothing but tight abs and a furrowed brow.

Thanks for allowing me to take a quick look at myself.

Enjoy your day. I’m headed for the gym.

I’m recouping. 


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