bathroom 1 014

My typical morning starts with making my bed. I don’t just pull up the covers for this bed of mine is about to become a sofa. I fold everything very carefully. If a fold is out of kilter I pray for acceptance and instead of refolding it I continue the task until it is  finished.

I then go to my quiet room which for the residents before me had probably always been a bedroom and seat myself in preparation for meditation. I note the time and I begin. Sometime later, five minutes or forty-five on a good day, I rise.;I notate the time. I pick up the morning newspaper, scan yesterdays review then read the comics. I search for the key word that usually turns up in at least half of them then I do a crossword puzzle notating which words are probably subtle ads.

Then I watch a TED TALK or two.

Hopefully by this time I have enough notes to  post the four blogs I usually write on a daily basis.

By now it is nine o clock and I check my emails for work.

And life goes on.


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