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When we decide as children how to live our lives our thinking begins with the assumption that we will always be children. Our first observation when born is the absence of safety to which we had become accustomed prior to birth. Fortunately we are not aware during those first weeks of gestation the danger of being annihilated as the solution to an argument between prospective parents. Life will soon be discovered to be very dangerous.



By age two we will have discovered a way to alter our behavior in a manner that will lend us some measure of safety as we live our lives among giants. We become compliant, or perfect or strong, failing at that at least noted for trying to be those things.

As preschoolers we may or may not learn about goal setting but we will soon receive our training in such matters as we answer daily roll call at whatever elementary school is nearby.

We will learn that our lives are not forever and that our focus on danger may be diminished by our careful and thoughtful search for safety. Our education will now be spent learning that our social world is made up mostly of friendly people and that by continuing to keep ourselves among others of similar beliefs as we acquire and affirm our values offers increased safety.


Some of us discover and share our discoveries which fall within a general theme of spirituality. Though few of us have any real evidence of these discoveries our experience seems to change us. We find a source of Love, quite unlike its opposite that seems to vanquish this Fear which has till now been the greatest gift of Life. We no longer fear even death itself.



The birth of an idea is much like the birth of life itself and the future of that idea is much like the birth of the individual who gave this idea life and affirmed that new life by creating a goal. This goal will be the Death of the idea.



It is a popular idea to stay focused on the goal. When we do that however we are focusing on the death of the idea.


Lee in Paradise

At the peak of my ten-K days I had two jogging buddies who accompanied me on evening runs though usually I ran alone at dawn. Those early runs were five to ten miles long, depending on my schedule. I didn’t want to place that kind of burden on my small companions.

These pals of mine were Frank and Nako.

Frank, a black toy poodle who never had to worry about getting a sissy-cut, was named after St Francis of Assisi. He was stoically silent when I rescued him from the pound and completely unaware of my presence. This curly-headed little critter seemed to be much more interested in the huge, dark, big-dog stool near the back of his cell. It had apparently been contributed by a previous tenant. I was informed by the doggie warden that when this little guy was first discovered running the streets of Phoenix, he was wearing a mute collar. He was arrested and interred and sentenced to death in a gas chamber unless someone adopted him before his ninety day appointment with the county canine killer arrived.  

“If you don’t mind” I implored, “would you bring him around and introduce us, please?”

Instant friends, I took Frank home to present as a birthday present to Terri. When introduced to Terri and Nako the family kitty Nako was ready for war. Terri picked her up and held her in her left atm, and at her request I placed Francis in her right arm. The hissing continued. Terri wasn’t at all impressed and established a routine of taking the mismatched family members for a walk each evening, one in each arm until the hissing stopped; eventually frank and Nako became inseparable.

One evening as Frank and Terri and I started across a busy intersection we heard a strange cat sound from about a hundred feet to our rear.  Meow ow ow ow, Meow ow ow ow. It was Nako (Japanese for cat). Nako was Terri’s pet. Offensively independent, this strange animal and I were becoming very attached to each other.  The three of us turned to investigate. Each long meow which sounded more like a howl was interrupted every time one of Nako’s paws hit the pavement. Meow ow ow ow.

She was apparently stating her refusal to be left behind and demanding to be part of the team. Very assertive, this kitty; she never experienced the tethered restraint but she would soon demonstrate that she knew exactly what to do.  We waited for her to join us.

A year or so later we sold our Phoenix home and moved to Scottsdale. On our first evening in our new environment, Terri and I left Frank and Nako locked in the back yard after having jogged next to us daily for more than two years. This was our first evening in our new home and Terry had resumed our evening habit. Being in a strange neighborhood and respectful of the new pet control rules contained in the CC & R’s we decided to go it alone this first evening. Five minutes from home we heard this heart-rending doggie howl that just had to be Frank. We ran back home and opened the gate and in one and three-quarter seconds I had a wiggly armful of doggie as Frank leaped through the air like a refugee from an acrobatic dog act with a weekend Gypsy Circus. Nako greeted Terri by rubbing against her legs, purring like a buzz saw and we all enjoyed a brief reunion. Frank was no longer mute. His voiced approval and disapproval of every family event took some getting used to.

A year later Nako and Frank and I were jogging on the Scottsdale Country Club golf course, late at night; Terri who was no longer part of the team and homesick for a previous way of life had returned to familiar climes.

As we ran, geysers suddenly erupted and Nako was blasted by the full force of a stream of water meant to arc over a twenty-foot span. Nako was only a foot from the sprinkler head when it struck and was knocked five feet through the air. She hit the ground running and disappeared, never to return. Or so I thought.

Some months later I was entertaining former  team-member Terri, who was asking me about our Big City Kitty. As I was telling her the story we heard a familiar sound.

Meow ow ow ow, Meow ow ow ow. Nako looked as though she hadn’t eaten in a month. Our returning family member went to the three of us individually, purring like a buzz saw. For a minute or so as Teri and I smiled at the two pets began to communicate with their noses and poses and purring and soft little doggie barks.

I miss them. I really do. I live in a condo; . I jog on a treadmill. Maybe someday, I’ll buy an iguana.




“Enough of that ESP nonsense” I was told “Get down on your knees and pray.”

“Without ESP?”


In 1976 at the encouragement of Friends and family and the advice of our family physician, I quit drinking. Within a few days I began to notice a new clarity in my perception of the world in which I now lived.  It was pretty much the same world of course, same job, same kids, same home…

But this world looked, sounded and felt different.

One day I was serving a customer; I had written up an order, totaled the items, labor and tax (no, we had no computer) and asked the customer her name and wrote it down, then without a thought, wrote in her address and asked for her phone number.

No reply; I looked up. Your phone number?

Not until I saw the puzzled look on her face did I realize that I had done something very odd.

“How do you know my address?” she asked. I had only a few seconds to create a lie but that was a skill from my drinking days that was about to save us both some embarrassment. “ We live a few blocks from each other” I said. “I used to own the lot your house was built on and the lot just north of you. I drove by one day to see if it was occupied.”

The lie seemed to have a calming effect on my customer. The experience did not calm me at all, That was the beginning of many such events, It is always a surprise because the information I get during such events seems to pull up from what Freud called the sub-conscious and Karl Jung seemed to think was a larger bit of memory than would be stored in one’s brain.

My opinion though unsupported is that I am a telepath and so are you.




I am  telepathic.

Science has not found evidence of telepathy. That does not mean that telepathy doesn’t exist. But it should be noted that in order to discover that kind of evidence that there must first have been a method devised for identifying given thought in more than one subject using time and space as forms of measurements. In other words Science must first have a mechanical means of replicating Telepathy in order to discover Telepathy. (And then there are the schizophrenics among us.)

If you want to know why I say I am telepathic then check back tomorrow. I am not schizophrenic.



How many of us believe that

A: We are made in God’s image?

B: God makes things happen?

C: Since we are made in God’s image then we can make things happen?

D: If this is you, how’s it working for ya?

Suppose the first premise is correct.

And suppose…

A: We are made in God’s Image. God’s image must include Total Knowledge of Past and Future.

B: Total Knowledge removes a need for any kind of protective device. In the material world we call this protective device by different names, all of which fall under the heading of Fear.

C: Total Knowledge, having no need for Fear must be very happy with It’s fine self.

D: The absence of Fear is Love.

E: Total Knowledge is also known as God.

F: Man experiences Fear as a means of protection of self and of family.

G: That which God “does” is man’s doing.

H: The Love, which man occasionally feels comes directly from God.

I: Love resides only in God. Fear resides only in Man.

J: God relies on Material Life forms to get stuff done.

K Man relies on God to experience Love.

L: All of those things which mankind and the rest of the natural world depend upon for safety are absent in God’s world. God does not DO, therefore God does not Plan. God does not DO or Plan because God’s world is PERFECT.


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To feel as though we belong is a wonderful feeling but that feeling does not come from the group, nor is that feeling LOVE. It is merely a reward system for conforming to the dictates of “The Group”. Like Aladdin’s magic carpet, the rug can be pulled out from under us at a moment’s notice. Pats on the back are often the Serpent’s tongue. Sweet is the kiss but that tongue can really give us a good licking.

Everyone likes knowing they are doing good work. “Hey, good job.” But the need for being loved and the desire to know that we are respected means much more. A simple “Thank you” can go a long, long way.

And “I love you” when least expected can go even further.

Thank you. Have a happy day