“Enough of that ESP nonsense” I was told “Get down on your knees and pray.”

“Without ESP?”


In 1976 at the encouragement of Friends and family and the advice of our family physician, I quit drinking. Within a few days I began to notice a new clarity in my perception of the world in which I now lived.  It was pretty much the same world of course, same job, same kids, same home…

But this world looked, sounded and felt different.

One day I was serving a customer; I had written up an order, totaled the items, labor and tax (no, we had no computer) and asked the customer her name and wrote it down, then without a thought, wrote in her address and asked for her phone number.

No reply; I looked up. Your phone number?

Not until I saw the puzzled look on her face did I realize that I had done something very odd.

“How do you know my address?” she asked. I had only a few seconds to create a lie but that was a skill from my drinking days that was about to save us both some embarrassment. “ We live a few blocks from each other” I said. “I used to own the lot your house was built on and the lot just north of you. I drove by one day to see if it was occupied.”

The lie seemed to have a calming effect on my customer. The experience did not calm me at all, That was the beginning of many such events, It is always a surprise because the information I get during such events seems to pull up from what Freud called the sub-conscious and Karl Jung seemed to think was a larger bit of memory than would be stored in one’s brain.

My opinion though unsupported is that I am a telepath and so are you.


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