Yes, I know; the OXYMORONIC information contained in the preceding remark is obvious. But consider these if you will:

Those who vote rhetorically are not voters but doters.

Those who choose sides are not choosers but losers.

Those who seek solutions lead by default.

Those who seek to lead are at fault.


Those who TAKE steps to discover themselves  are eager to share their discoveries.

Those who OBEY steps lose themselves and are eager to enforce their new rules.

Oddly, members of either group would probably agree with these words and defend them.

Rulekeepers say that Pathfinders lack discipline and have a serious ego problem.

Pathfinders say that Rule Keepers are bullies and have a serious ego problem.

Is either group right? Is either group wrong?

Please, keep comments to less than 139 words.


Loners, Moaners & Boners


My friend Kam says that the changes in his environment do not affect him. He remains the same person through thick and through thin. Does  he grow? He is a member of a group whose founder seems to have united its members for life in a common cause.

Another friend says that he likes to revisit previous environs because it gives him an opportunity to discover how the variety of all his surroundings have played a role in his growth.

The first friend unknowingly seems to reveal that his immersion into a given subculture affects his persona while arresting opportunities for further growth; that the good of the group depends on unity of its parts and so on. The second friend seems to have more control over his destiny, however when describing the different environments affecting his life there appeared to be a group influence here also.

One has to look very hard to find the Michelangeloes and the Einsteins of the world. And it s often not until they have left the planet that they are appreciated.


Photography: Olivia Newton John
Subject:  Brother Larry Hogan OFM


It has been said that to discover Truth one needs only to focus on the “here and now”.

It has also been said that Truth can never really be known.

In reality “Truth” rarely walks up and presents itself. Nor is it discovered by looking back. However, once Truth has been discovered, the past may come alive with remembered moments of confusion suddenly bathed in a glow of inspired understanding.

The Truth about “Truth” is that Truth is elusive; Truth is not to be discovered by asking for the Truth from those we love, admire and respect and certainly not by placing ourselves in an environment of group thinking. We must do our own work; when Logic fails Prayer and/or meditation are said by many to open doors and to reveal alternative paths to future revelations.

A clue from my own experience: Truth can be found in the company of Love which resides only with God which is ours by virtue of our acceptance, thereof.

Belief is the easy alternative and resides in the company of the approval of The Group. It is there for the asking but is like the house built on sand according to a popular parable.

I approve of this message and that’s The Truth. (I think)

Accept the Love and pass it on.

Thank you Morris.


thanksgiving, komorne hurka, zimichka 102

I know of no example in humanity against which one can be compared in order to determine how much one has grown, or to set goals outlining a plan to determine how much one can or should grow.

The habit of saying to one  another “Hey, you are really getting better” sounds encouraging but in fact, is very judgmental. The affirmation to seek progress rather than perfection is self-deluding. That kind of thinking prevents us from accepting one another for who we are.

When in the presence of one who has just been applauded for a contribution of one sort or another benefitting those of us slapping the palms of our hands together, shall we offer  expressions  of “Hurrah”, “Ole!”, “Bravo” or “Good job!”?

Perhaps a simple “Thank you” would be a sign that we are all “getting better”.


Hovering Above Zero.


Hovering: Denying, defying, never trying. How high? Above Zero.
(We need a Hero.)

Covering: The lies, the sighs, the highs, the sky’s the limit.

Discovering: A better way? What did I agree to? It’ll take a Higher Power? How high?

Recovering: Truth? Ohhhkay? How far? “Keep your eye on your steps!”  Okie dokie.

Savoring: Never wavering. How far? Any lengths?

LOVING? Flying with the birdies, my Luv. Flying with the birdies. How high? Join me? You over there. yeah You, on the bar stool.


Hovering Above Zero by Lee Broom. Title by Pastor Randy