The Amazing “No Way” Randi


I have been a fan of the Amazing Randi for a great many years He is funny, he respects science and he makes a lot of money with his act. The problem with this guy is that many of his conclusions have the same lack of reason as that of those who suffer the sting of his actively acid tongue. His words daily address his belief that the lack of evidence is evidence. Perhaps it is. But evidence of what? That people are stupid? That believers are to be scorned and avoided at all costs? His relentless criticism of 99% of society serves only himself.

We acquire our beliefs in a variety of ways, from our neighbors, our friends, accidental discovery and by investigation. I prefer Logic but even that is not dependable. I have come to believe that the path to any belief may be far more important than the belief itself.

A friend of mine says that James Randi’s view of life is just “common sense, or should be.”

As for my view of “common sense”, I personally doubt that this kind of knowledge would survive any kind of test.  And, Randi’s frequent assertion that the lack of evidence is itself, evidence of anything may very well be a far more dangerous idea than those possessed by the people described by Mr. Amazing, “No Way” Randi.

I say “Way”.

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Lee Broom. A Believer in Taoist principles, The way, Buddhism and The Sermon on the Mount.


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