It all starts with the last dream, my day, that is; there was a time when this bit of brain activity was accompanied by an erection. But now… 

Now, I awaken with a seconds-old memory of duking it out with an unknown assailant. This morning I came flying out of bed with a great karate kick to the chin of the chair by my beddy, bed, bed; (“there, that’ll teach him a thing or two.”). 

Realizing finally,  that I’ve made it through another night ALIVE, I mouth a quick “thank you”, syncing my lips with those  words emerging from my grateful cork-in-the-ocean thread of consciousness and hurry to the kitchen to begin the morning ritual of preparing coffee and oats, (oats and coffee), clicking the flat screen to “on” and hurrying with the caffè noir so I can watch Hoppy and the rest of the good guys prepare a safe place for those of us who need it… 

And that’s how it starts… 

After the dream, that is. 

Enjoy your day, 

This one, that is.

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