I am a telepath (or so it often seems.)

Science has not found evidence of telepathy and here is the reason: In order to discover that kind of evidence that there must first have been a method devised for identifying a given thought in more than one subject using time and space as forms of measurement.

In other words: Science must first have a mechanical means of replicating Telepathy in order to discover Telepathy.

But there is a phenomenon in the natural world that suggests that telepathy does exist an a very large way as a means of explaining group behavior. I have mentioned in the past, the social habits of bees and starlings. And the streets of Cairo are swarming with activity 24 hours a day with virtually no traffic control and has been said to slow only when someone needs to be thrown out of office at which time drivers become pedestrians and the voice of Islam is heard.

And though it is a professional opinion by some psychiatrists that telepathy is a symptom of schizophrenia, no evidence exists for that either, though the reverse seems compellingly true.


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