How long is Forever?

How large is the memory thereof?

Can the distance from the First event to the Last be measured?

Are the First and the Last the same event?

Is there a place where this question could d have been viewed the instant it entered my mind.

Are these questions actually in my mind or are they being viewed from afar?

If so, would this be telepathy? Neuropathy?

How long is an instant?

The original thought that inspired this moment:  was it indeed, inspired?

Perhaps Chosen? Created? By whom? Lee Broom? Another?

Did these words appear in the mind of another simultaneously?, telepathically?

Was objectivity abandoned with reference to telepathy?

Does it matter?

If you have questions, by all means ask.


How much for that old pair of Shoes?



How much for that old pair of Shoes?

He fumbled around for some change.

    They’re not for sale, my friend, said she.

Well why are they there for all to see?

    I’m trying to rearrange.


He wiggled his barefoot toes

And wiped his runny nose.

Rearrange what, the fellow inquired,

Those raggedy shoes are about to expire,

They’d go just fine with my clothes.


    I see what you mean, said she,

    I’ll give you these shoes for free.

Could I have some socks and maybe a shirt,

And a pail of water to shed some dirt?

I’m really a sight to see,


    You’re not so bad, but yes.

    I can even give you a vest,

    There’s a pond nearby, you can take a bath

     Here’s a towel to dry and my name is Cath.

He wanted to look his best.


Freddy’s my name, he said

But you can call me Fred.

On return he looked great. Let’s celebrate,

We can get married, I’ll be your mate.

And she rearranged his head.


By Lee Broom

Open Heart “Surgery”

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When we frown, we attract victims.
When we put others first we attract victims.

Pleasers seek  to avoid being manipulated by Frowners but are actually encouraging more of the same.
Frowners seek to avoid being manipulated by excessive pleasantries but are
actually encouraging more of the same.

To overcome unhappiness one needs only to Accept Happiness.
The Search for Happiness leads to Sorrow
because it exists ONLY in Tomorrow.
Acceptance exists ONLY in the Present and requires ONLY an open heart.

Happiness occurs when we ACCEPT THE LOVE AND PASS IT ON.

The Rest Of You


Untie the knot and soften your glare

What you think is there is knot.

What you thought was writ as laissez faire

Was read but green with rot.


Untie the knot and soften your glare

Laugh and

Giggle and coo.

What you thought you heard was never said

What you failed to hear was You.


Untie the knot and soften your glare.

Empty you mind

(Its rude to stare)

Allow the moment to be

And dare

To Listen

To The Rest Of You.


To The Rest

Of You.







The Rest of Me


The Rest of Me is Fearless,

The Rest of Me is Loving,

The Rest of Me is Successful,

The Rest of Me is Giving,

The Rest of Me is ForGiving,

The Rest of Me  ignores temptation, fear and emptiness.



To ignore The Rest of Me is like walking after sundown on an unlit street,

cursing the crutches which support my faceless image,

the justifications,

the incessant mutterings

and the clamor of conflict

intruding on the Beauty around me.

I need no crutches, nor do I curse them; I simply say “Yes” to The Rest of Me……..

I say “Yes” to The Rest of Me’




Occasionally I discover a new truth and wonder if I’m the only person who failed to learn it as a child.
About that Serenity prayer: apparently no choice is necessary. Everything I do changes something.
I no longer have to ponder over an issue for an hour, a month or a year or a decade.
Nor do I need to make up for lost time.
Is it possible to spend only one single day acting on every new idea that crosses my mind with the effect of creating enough pathways to newness to last indefinitely?
Check back with me tomorrow evening.
(I don’t need no dadgummed bucket list.)


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I’m not sure of the year but around 1980; I was emotionally distraught, (About what?) I don’t remember that either, but the rest of this short memoir is very clear.

I was driving past Thomas Mall, my mind on a meeting… I pulled  into  the mall parking lot and removed my meeting book from my right hip pocket. We didn’t have cell phones then; a few of us had beepers.

Not finding a noon time listing other than Crossroads and it was already past 12:00 pm, I decided to walk it off. Thomas Mall was only a mile from my Arcadia condo and nearly every morning at 5:30 I joined a couple of dozen folks for a fast – clip, one hour walk past Dalton’s and Diamond’s and Hanny’s; this would be great.

I entered. I walked a few steps. I stopped.

There in Dalton’s Book Store window was a display; it was hawking a new Wayne Dyer Book. Dyer, being a favorite author (he still is), I went into the store and walked straight to the back of the room trodding my memorized path to the self-help department. I was vaguely aware of the Dyer display to my left but my easily distracted persona was already focused on an open book in an easel at the rear of the store. I noted the Dyer location and made a mental note to return to that part of the store, once my curious eye had been sated.

As I drew nearer I could read one word near the top of the page on the right hand side of the book: Enthusiasm.

I was curious, yes I was but I was not at all enthusiastic nor did I want to be. I didn’t like being depressed but at least I knew what to expect in such a sad state. Enthusiasm was a word that brought to my mind, silliness, giddiness and for crying out loud, all sorts of behavior for which one should feel embarrassed when calmness returned.

I argued with myself but continued to inch forward.

(I’m not going to remove the book from the easel,)  (Oh well..) I reached for another copy, flipped to the correct page and began to read. There were enough definitions for the word Enthusiasm to fill most of the page; the one which caught my attention was “…filled with God”. (Now, why didn’t I think of that?)

I bought the book and at a meeting that night I spoke of my experience and that how even for this very objective agnostic I now had an inkling of an  improved view of myself.

The story I thought, was worth sharing.

I’ve been telling it ever since.

Enthusiasm: “…filled with God.”