An exchange with a friend on May 2, 2015:

Breaking News
The United States Geological Survey has confirmed a 4.0 magnitude earthquake in Galesburg.

Locals felt tremors all over the state, from here in Detroit to and as far west as Grand Rapids.


I fell asleep on the couch about 8 o’clock. An hour later I had the most vivid dream that I was in an earthquake; I could see the room moving slightly but I didn’t feel shaken; more like rocking. And then I awoke and realized it was real; I could still feel the body memory. I arose and went through the place thinking pictures would have fallen. One picture had dropped and another was tilted.
I went to sleep and another tremor woke me at what felt like three or four o’clock. It wasn’t as bad as the first one and I was really knocked out; I went back to sleep. I forgot the whole thing until I read this email.
Did you feel it?
I haven’t heard anything from anyone around here.
I’m telepathic which could explain why I felt it so far away, but it doesn’t explain the pictures. AZ had its last tremor in Sedona 5 months ago.
We were 2000 miles apart.



Mythology in Progress

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Mythology in Progress

All of life is mythology in progress. Twenty observers of any given event would if asked, give varying reports of what they had observed. In fact any individual’s story about such would probably be altered over time. Only in print does a story have an opportunity to remain unchanged over time. But if a story or a report of an event makes for interesting reading and becomes a part of history, historians are notorious for arguing among themselves over the accuracy of recorded events. And then there are translations to other languages. There may even be translations within the original language as time changes that language into something new.

What is important is not the story but the lesson learned.


A Point of Reference.


There’s only one thing harder than quitting coffee and that’s quitting picking your nose. Nick Heward.

Thanks Nick. Quitting anything can be a daunting experience. I read once that there are more than a trillion cells in the human body and that each cell has memory. This article went on to say that the best way to overcome an irksome habit is to replace it with something better.

Assuming these words to be true…

Whatever we do, whatever we say will be with us forever; unless of course Alzheimer’s lets us off the hook.

If we quit drinking the experience will still be a part of our memory. Or overeating. Or  being depressed. Or whatever we want to quit.

Sound discouraging?

When I tried to diet I got fatter.

When I tried to quit drinking I drank more.

When I tried to stop awakening each morning with a dark cloud over my head the cloud kept getting bigger.

And then…….

I learned to live sober; it was much easier than quitting drinking.

And then…….

I decided to get heathy. It was so much easier than “dieting”.

And then…….

I began to greet the mornings with prayer, meditation and exercise.

 I still remember weighing 285 pounds but I feel so good at 185 that I choose daily to be healthy.

I still remember the  drinking; but I don’t miss it.

I still remember those gloomy mornings but they are the exception rather than the rule. And the new way of starting the day helps me to stay sober, healthy and happy most of the time.

 The memory is still there.

It is a point of reference.

Lee in Paradise