The first scream is an involuntary response to the first gasp. It occurs at the same time as our first sensation of fear.

The scream is reinforced with cradled arms and Soft Cooing Mommy Words, which lend a hint that this dangerous world into which we have been thrust has an oasis of safety; ours for the price of a scream.

This is our first scientific experiment.

This is our first experience at asking for and receiving approval, a sensation which will in future decades become confused with Love.

And our experiments no matter how objective they are meant to be will forever be tainted with the search for safety, approval and Love.

Life will be difficult for the lazy, for the intolerable, for the unwashed. And every minute of every day will be either exceedingly long or insufferably short for the unlovable.

Perhaps we ask for help.

And in the language of Mommy Words we may even ask another unwashed, unlovable soul “May I lend a hand?”

And a Spark of The Spirit ignites the flame of LOVE.


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