For all of their twenty years of aging together Rupert and Karina have spent most of their time loving each other and less than 1% of this time destroying the joy of the other 99%.

There was a game that began with Karina asking a question followed by Rupert’s impatient reply  that he’d already answered that question; perhaps two or three times.

Karina would then insist that Rupert had done no such thing.

Sometimes Karina would scream this reply and Rupert would respond  a decibel or two higher; usually the first to yell obscenities was Rupert.

Why then, have they done this for twenty years?

Do they hate each other for the wrongs of a parent?

Are they victims of an Alien game being played on a planet in another galaxy?


Perhaps this horrible game is not so horrible after all; perhaps it is what keeps them together.


Perhaps they are just very, very lonely.

I wonder what Rupert meant when he said I’m never again going to sing The Star Spangled Banner; never, never, never.

Such a weird couple.


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