The only real failure in life is not to be true
to the best one knows.

To honor Buddha’s words because they are wise may  lead to wisdom.
To become a Buddhist is to dishonor the father of Buddhism.


 This wasn’t a first for me, Oh no

For I’ve been booed before.

But boo they did and if again I deign to take the floor

I’ll bare my soul and quote no page

But those on which I write.

And right or wrong, I’ll live my life

While focused on The Light.

I choose to be the Tortoise. The World may be my Hare.

Whatever it takes to be myself is what I have to share.

So round them up my brothers, practice till you soar.

Consensus is the plan it seems,

For those whose plans are clever schemes

And Might is Right (it’s done in teams)

Ignore the Rabbits’ Roar.

The Tortoise has the floor.


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