Knowing God or Accept the love and pass it on


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Knowing how to please God requires one to “Be” God.

Knowing how to please others requires the same skill.

Learning how to please one’s self may take a lifetime but even if we fail, we will have come a million times closer to success than with the aforementioned choices.


Another choice: Accept The Love and Pass It On.


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When opinions reek of danger and

Outlooks collide,

When bias hisses,

When judgment derides,

When prejudice misses

The mark,

It is the absence of “Hark”,

The dark temptation to seekers of Truth.

Alle heil der abend

As last light fails

And discourse galls

The light of Reason.

And feeds on

The mindless nod of

A thousand, million heads.

Shall we do this cries the headman

Sure; whatever.

And then arrives

An alternate view

To an optimistic few.

And a rosier future


As autumn brings a withering reminder

Of thoughtless, irretrievable syllables

This new Ship sails

To sites and sounds unknown.

A few have grown

And risen above the moan

Of grieving masses.

Life as must, moves on.

Lee Broom


I want it to be as a quail.

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As an art dealer I am often asked for my expertise in determining the value of a work of art or antique passed on to them by Aunt Minnie or Grandpa Frank; the interrogator of the moment appears to hope that by meeting me that they have stumbled into their own Road Show host who is about to make them rich for a month or two.

Of course a competent appraiser is competent not because of on-the-spot knowledge but by competency as a researcher. To carry that much stuff around in ones’s head, even as a specialist in one small area would drive most people mad. Add to that the fact that such knowledge is amended every second of every hour and we have light-years of information to edit.

And that’s how it is with life in general for all of us. In our professional lives we learn how to research and maybe we pick up a few tidbits of stable factoids which help to enhance our aura of concern in our supposed area of expertise. And in our personal lives we solve the most difficult research problems by adopting the views of whatever groups which seem to influence us the most.

And so it goes.

If I return for another crack at life I want it to be as a quail.








Scarcity begets Popularity.

If you wear a skirt, a shirt or you read the morning paper while sitting in a beautiful chair created as a limited edition of ONE or if you possess a tidbit of knowledge which has not yet entered the realm of COMMON SENSE you may soon be celebrated by those whose clamor for attention fails to bridge the gap between the world of regular stuff and the world of scarcity…

You could soon become a Celebrity

From Leadership: A Love Story.





Lee Broom


I do a lot of volunteer work for blind people, few of whom were born sightless.

They listen.

Sometimes when I am approaching Connie’s desk I announce myself as though we are three feet apart. “Hi Connie”.
And from three works stations away I hear a soft, feminine voice, “Hi Lee.”

When Tony the Engineer was alive, he started talking one day about the day he lost his vision.

And, how he learned to listen.

His was not a soft voice; it was what one might expect coming from the lips of a well-known broadcaster. Nor was he the kind of listener as Connie.

Tony was interested in the information he gathered by hearing and separating the clicks as well as the clacks and the hums and hoots of a day in the bustling desert metropolis known as Phoenix, AZ.

And now that my vision depends a lot on taking the right eye-drops at the right time, I have become THE LISTENER


In 1977 I did several major art shows. Most of the paintings had been framed at Lee Broom Gallery or at The Framery, also under my management.
There was one painting that had been framed in a design by one of my framers; everyone who went by it remarked on the beautiful frame. Later, as I was closing a sale on a different choice by the lady with the “oohs” and the “aahs” I asked the patron what it was that she liked about the painting. “Oh it wasn’t the painting”, she replied. “It was the frame; it is beautiful”.
The next day I noticed as I looked again at this delicate watercolor, the inside border of the mat matched a color in the painting as did the top mat color and the texture of the frame itself matched some textural features of.the painting as well. But the matched features actually changed the overall ratios of each new blend. The designer of the frame was competing with the artist who created the picture; she had ruined a beautiful painting with a beautiful frame.
How is it that a few grunts accompanied by graceful body movements can evolve into a dance, a  didgeridoo can create a one-note symphony or that a hammer can chip away at a rock until The Thinker is discovered, apparently sitting there asking himself that same question..
If anyone were to ask me to state the most important thing to consider in the design of anything made by man or by God my reply would be one word, “Continuity.”