A conversation between Curious Abner and The Psychedelic Toad.

I hear you had a quarrel with Heartache Henry. Are you guys okay with each other?

Curio: Not really. He doesn’t seem to know what happened.

Psycho: So, what happened?

Curio: Well. Hell; the darn fool screamed at me.

Psycho: Wow, that must have been kinda scary; Did he hit you?

Curio: No… He just screamed at me like some kinda lunatic. That’s the second time in four years that he’s done that to me. So how is old Cranky Hanky anyway.

Psycho: He says you’re a bully and that you spend a lot of time and energy getting people to do everything your way. He says it is very stressful for him.

Curio: Well Dang it Toad, why doesn’t he say something.

Psycho: According to him he has... twice.

Curio: (Oh…)


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