A friend of mine is a cloistered friend so how did this come to be?
Perhaps  because of the ache in her heart for…
A love who could never be.

(Perhaps her dad was the key.)

Her papa did drink from dawn to dusk from the time she was a girl.
He spent prime time aguzzlin’ gin as he…
gave the worl’ a whorl.

(So what does this mean to me?)

I was a Papa, indeed I was and a Great-great, now that I am.
And all of my children are beautiful now…
that I finally give a damn.

(So why do I feel so free?)

I could have been her Papa if not for a friend of a friend
Who shared about turning it over and…
How to make healing amends.

(So what does this mean to thee?)

That’s it, Dear Friend…
My name is Lee…
A very grateful Recoveree…
a Recovering Orphan of the Big Hazee
(immeasurably gratefully is he.)


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