GROUP APPROVAL is important to us all. It is the first and perhaps the only visible key to finding the safest way to live in a very dangerous world. There is a problem with this though. Groups do not rate the validity of a common held belief by its authenticity but by its popularity. That’s one problem; here’s another.

PROBLEM NUMBER TWO: Those of us who are aware that the group’s primary concern is group safety, may turn to thinking for ourselves. Perhaps we learn a truth that rates very high, authentically speaking. And then we learn that some of the Truths of the group are obvious truths and others are not. Do we pretend to repeat the mantras of the group or do we look for others who have run into the same problem? And then we realize that looking for approval for a different truth is just creating another group.


NOW we CHOOSE between living life as a GROUPIE or as a LEADER and then we realize that a TRUE LEADER has only the SELF to lead. 


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