Space Dust


It occurred to me today after listening to way too many commercials that if one had only toilet water to drink and no glasses to dip into that water but there was a straw in the catchall drawer in the kitchen, that one could get down on their knees, say a prayer for protection, stick the straw between the lips, dip the other end of that straw into the freshly flushed toilet and be totally confident that their safety in drinking that water could be said to have a safety factor of up to 99.9999%.

Being in a contemplative state of mind it occurred to me also that probably 99.9999% (or more) of all heroin addicts first drank milk. I seem to remember that from my college days. I didn’t really learn much there. I didn’t shoot heroin in those days nor did I drink a lot of water……or milk. I just drank a lot.

As you can see I haven’t completely recovered my senses but I’m getting there.


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