Non Conformist or Rebel. There is a difference.

lafayette compound 007

A friend of mine one day last year, called me a rebel. I asked him what he thought I was rebelling against. He had no answer. I said that I was a non conformist.

If you want to find a quick and easy way to understand  the difference between The Rebels of society and The NonConformists, do the following:

On a sheet of paper make two columns. One will be labeled Non Conformist, the other, Rebel.

Under Non Conformists list all the famous scientists you can think of; the inventors, the artists, composers, poets, authors, playwrights and songwriters. Under Rebels list the Charlie Mansons of the world, Jessie James, the fomentors of terrorism.

Back to my friend: “So what am I” he asked.

“You my friend, are an entrepreneur” I replied, “a creator of succesful business ventures, a lover of new ideas, a creative father whose children worship him. You Sir are a nonconformist.”

Actually in truth, we all fall under each list. In every angel there lies a devil waiting to raise its ugly head. Being a Non Conformist means being true to ones self. And being true to One’s self sometimes means Following the Crowd. It means Doing the Next Thing without fear of reprisal. It means living in Love and accepting ourselves and others.

I am a Non Conformist  (and maybe sometimes a Rebel).



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