lafayette compound 012

A dialogue between Studious, Curious Abner and his pessimistic , occasionally caustic, more-or-less-a-friend,  The Psychedelic Toad.


Psycho: Good morning Abba-dabba; whatcha reading?

Abner: Dude, I’m trying to learn something new here if ya don’t mind.

Psycho: Learnin’ how to tie yer shoelaces, are ya?

Abner: Cute. Leave me to my studies, please.

Psycho: Curious, studious, modulus Abner.

Abner: Modolus, shmodolus. That’s new; what’s modulus?

Psycho: Mathematical elasticity.

Abner: Such as…

Psycho: Such as…How long it takes you to think up a lie as related to the perceived gullibility of the person or persons being deceived, compared to similar data in place for the modus operandi governing auto-deception.

Abner: Such as  knowing how many warts you have on that ugly mug of yours and insisting that you must have many more of these toadly beauty marks than you believe you have?

Psycho: My, you are a grin-less grump today; I think I’d better find a toadstool to sit upon and amuse my confused memory muscles.

Abner: Later, Warthog.

Psycho: Back atcha, Studly.

Mini Me
 Lee Broom


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