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Re post from 5 25 2012

A moment ago I observed something on my patio, unseen before by these tired old eyes. I will be having eye surgery on Tuesday. If this is an omen of better things to come I am prepared for that, I think.

If in fact, I lose that eye and am left only with the one that is splattered with glaucomic fields of grey, then I shall endeavor always to remember this tiny baby birdlet who ran across my white-tiled patio, bumping into the glass door, quickly recovering to race back on those strong, spindly legs to its Gamble Quail mom.

I saw it all, I did.

The family of Mom plus Five minus Pop was suddenly minus one quintuplet in response to the roar of the early morning trash hauler as it lifted its load higher than any member of this quail family would ever fly. Mom and the fully focused four scrambled toward the hedge as their tiny sibling shot in my direction. I scrambled for my camera with skills yet unlearned. When I looked back, the little 2 inch high fluffy-feathered goblin was slipping under Mummy’s wing.

If I can still see on Wednesday I shall investigate the Scottsdale library stacks in search of advice for late-blooming photographers.

Lee Broom


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