lafayette compound 012

“I’M THINKING…” received anonymously  during the holidays.

“I’m thinking it might be time to retire from certain recovery influences in my life.

After deciding to switch to public transportation I thought at first, that being without a vehicle in my parking space was the worst possible aspect of a changing life style.

And then I was pompously instructed by a man fifteen years younger, to accept help from others as a permanent feature of this changing way of life.

I was actually told that by removing myself from the roster of possible service commitments that I was robbing those who need such commitments in order to experience a successful recovery, were therefore being robbed of a basic recovery tool.


What next?

The group has no interest in my message of rejecting group think influences and I’ve none in Chapter Five.

Service to the community at large and the message of non-conformity are my interests; I am discovering new ways of  meeting these commitments, previously established in earlier decades.

Perhaps that is enough…

Perhaps not.”


Lee Broom







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