Someone gave me a hug tonight.

Lee in Paradise

1976 was the worst year of my life. 1977 was the best. In 1977 a new friend told me the following things. In the years to pass I would discover them for myself. They are as follows:

Love is the Power that heals.

Love is the Power that overcomes fear.

Love is the Power that forgives.

Love is the Power that is offered with no expectation of anything in return. Love is Completely Unconditional.

Love is present when we cry.

Love is the energy contained in the laugh of a child or the cry of the warrior holding the lifeless body of a fallen comrade.

We humans, like everything else in nature possess a motive for everything we do, even when that motive is an unconscious event. In other words being the self-centered critters that we are, Love as a deliberate act is unnatural. We cannot “do” Love. But we recognize the feeling it leaves in us, usually after that feeling ebbs.

Where does Love come from?

Love is within arm’s reach.

What is Love?

Love is…

That’s all.

I feel loved when I say I accept.

I feel loved when I help another, especially if the person i am helping is unaware of what I am doing.

And, I was told that even though I thought I had lost everything, I still had something that someone else needed.





Sandy Abstract B W sent 11 28 2015


We want to be different, don’t we?

To be noticed,

But not too much.

We also want to be loved don’t we?

Respected, so let’s go Dutch.

One of the gang

But also special;

Sometimes we hug

Perhaps we wrestle

With issues,

With tissues

But really,

Not too much.


It  takes but a second for the new life to learn of danger and another for the first flicker of fear.

And, for most it takes a lifetime of searching for safety to decide that none exists.

To seek safety for one’s self is an act of fear and can result only in failure.

To seek safety for others is an act of Love and can result only in success.
Love is a state of Being.

Forgiveness is a state of Being.
The word LOVE whether spoken or in print has one very unusual property. When expressed as a verb it remains a noun; when one performs an “act” of Love, Love becomes The Lover for both parties.

The word Love and the description of Love which is Forgiveness are words which can only represent a State of Being.

When we say to the Source of all Love and all Knowledge, “I accept” we have taken the first step in being transformed from Victims to Lovers.

As Lovers we know safety.

Safety is rarely visible but it is always familiar.

Lee Broom



lafayette compound 012

“When the light returns to its source,

it takes nothing of what it has illuminated.”

~ Rumi

When quoting those whose words are known, do I do so to spread enlightenment or to make myself more attractive? What is most important to me as I mingle with the masses? Reputation? Respect? Affection? Effectuation? When truth is revealed does it then, remain unchanged? Or is the Truth in fact, simply the path on which it travels?


When I read the quote what do I read? Am I reading the words with an unbiased mind? Do I carry an image in my head of the person borrowing the quote? Am I one of many who are currently reading these words? Was it meant only for my eyes? If so, what motivated the person making the quote? What do these questions say about me? What do these questions say about you?

It is this that I seek to escape in order to fully appreciate anything addressing my attention. Everything that we know (believe) is a bias. Everything we know (believe) adds to that which seeks to inform us.

Can we remain objective?

We can, with practice become Aware.

We can, with practiced humility, Ask for enlightenment.

We can, with humility meditate with the goal of emptying our minds.

We can, with fewer thoughts, then be grateful.

To allow ourselves to Be has been described as Being Grateful.

My goal for today is to Accept the Love and Pass It On.

ee Broom





I read somewhere that the world looks exactly the same whether coiffed in long hair or shaved to the scalp, whether clad in  blue denims or a three-piece suit.

So what happens to the power of affirmation, perception and the ever-changing view of the world beyond?

Look it up in World Book my father would have said. Try Google. I’d say. (the answer isn’t there either.)

Today I wore  the jacket to my DC suit over tattered  jeans with a dozen or so frayed rips and tears. They both gave me great comfort. Each garment was bought at Nordstoms in 1983.  I wore them with pointy toed shoes from the same shopping trip.

ee Broom


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To overcome the fear of death must we not first overcome the fear of life?

To do this must we not learn to develop a sense of adventure by taking risks?

How much risk is involved in seeking the opinions of others?

Shall we ask what the next right thing is before stepping into the future?

By risking with an uninformed task, do we not become stronger of Faith, Acceptance and endowed with a new sense of freedom.

Shall we then Accept The Love and pass it on?

Lee Broom     Accept the Love and Pass It On




I was six years old and very inquisitive. So much so that Father often called me Curious Abner.

I asked my father one Saturday during a lunch break at The Broom Family Clothing Store what the difference was between a Hat and a Cap. His reply:

A Hat has a brim and a Cap has a bill.

What about women?

We call them women  (a barely discernible grin.)

No Lovey (Mother and I called Father Lovey); on their heads

Too many categories for women son, everything on a woman’s head is a hat.

That lady over there is trying on a scarf. Is that a hat?

It’s time to get to work Abner.

“What is forgiveness?”

bathroom 1 014


From a recent conversation:

He had searched for advice on how to handle one of the most troubling experience of his life. It was worse than losing a client. It was worse than losing a wife. it was worse than being told he had a life threatening disease. “What do I do?” he asked. (How could he not know the answer?) The answer came from an old friend; it was in the form of a question:

Q: “What is forgiveness?” came the ‘answer’ posing as a question. A: “Forgiveness is Love” he replied.     “Forgiveness is the operative description of Love. Love is not a human thing. The human thing is Fear also known as Dishonesty.

The Source for Love (and Forgiveness) is God. So, to experience Love (Forgiveness) is to Accept Love. (But according to Tao tzu and the first Buddha, even an atheist can experience Love simply by doing Loving things for others). 

Still, to lose the Love of one’s children is incredibly painful. And though pain feels like a gift from The Liar of All Things, it  is in reality a ‘ Gift’ from The Giver of All Things.”

The bias of a lynch mob brought his  family together And He began again To write.

The bias is the memory of a family not together And He began again To right… Wrongs.



Leeward:I used to punish myself with the phrase , “Dang, dang, dang, I did it again.”

Thinfellow: How did that make you feel?

Leeward: Like I’d been hIt with a baseball bat.

Thinfellow: And what do you say now?

Leeward: Look what you made me do.”

Thinfellow: So then how do you feel?

Leeward: Like I’ve been run over by a Mack truck.

Thinfellow: So what went through your mind two weeks ago as your foot fell off the pedal of your bike and you fell into traffic?

Leeward: I said to myself “Dang, dang, dang…”

Thinfellow: And the rest of the sentence?

Leeward: I accept the Love and I’ll pass it on.

Thinfellow: Why did you say that?

Leeward: Because I was still able.

Lee Broom