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“When the light returns to its source,

it takes nothing of what it has illuminated.”

~ Rumi

When quoting those whose words are known, do I do so to spread enlightenment or to make myself more attractive? What is most important to me as I mingle with the masses? Reputation? Respect? Affection? Effectuation? When truth is revealed does it then, remain unchanged? Or is the Truth in fact, simply the path on which it travels?


When I read the quote what do I read? Am I reading the words with an unbiased mind? Do I carry an image in my head of the person borrowing the quote? Am I one of many who are currently reading these words? Was it meant only for my eyes? If so, what motivated the person making the quote? What do these questions say about me? What do these questions say about you?

It is this that I seek to escape in order to fully appreciate anything addressing my attention. Everything that we know (believe) is a bias. Everything we know (believe) adds to that which seeks to inform us.

Can we remain objective?

We can, with practice become Aware.

We can, with practiced humility, Ask for enlightenment.

We can, with humility meditate with the goal of emptying our minds.

We can, with fewer thoughts, then be grateful.

To allow ourselves to Be has been described as Being Grateful.

My goal for today is to Accept the Love and Pass It On.

ee Broom


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