Sandy Abstract B W sent 11 28 2015


We want to be different, don’t we?

To be noticed,

But not too much.

We also want to be loved don’t we?

Respected, so let’s go Dutch.

One of the gang

But also special;

Sometimes we hug

Perhaps we wrestle

With issues,

With tissues

But really,

Not too much.


It  takes but a second for the new life to learn of danger and another for the first flicker of fear.

And, for most it takes a lifetime of searching for safety to decide that none exists.

To seek safety for one’s self is an act of fear and can result only in failure.

To seek safety for others is an act of Love and can result only in success.
Love is a state of Being.

Forgiveness is a state of Being.
The word LOVE whether spoken or in print has one very unusual property. When expressed as a verb it remains a noun; when one performs an “act” of Love, Love becomes The Lover for both parties.

The word Love and the description of Love which is Forgiveness are words which can only represent a State of Being.

When we say to the Source of all Love and all Knowledge, “I accept” we have taken the first step in being transformed from Victims to Lovers.

As Lovers we know safety.

Safety is rarely visible but it is always familiar.

Lee Broom


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