Guy Stuff (from January 2015)

Lee in Paradise

Wed night at Miracle Mile I walked in, waved to Bill and John who were already working on Soup and Sandwich. I bypassed the serving line and went straight to the register and asked for apple pie and coffee which are next to the cashier. Since I always have apple pie and coffee and since I had no tray, the cashier already had the pie and coffee waiting for me. I thanked Wendy and moved toward our table.

When I sat down Bill remarked “How did you get through that line so fast?” John said to Bill “He didn’t.” and Bill said as though he just realized what I had done, “Lee Broom, you cut in front of all those people? That’s not nice.” and John laughed, So did Frank, who was arriving when all this rowdy Guy Stuff started, and I said “That’s the difference between Lemmings and Eagles” and Bill said “Huh?” and Frank said “Bill, for crying out loud even I got that one and as the chuckling continued, Bill said “Explain that one to me, I’m a little slow tonight.”

I looked at him for a second to make sure he meant it (which he didn’t) and said “Bill its like this, if a lemming becomes an Eagle you can be sure that more would follow, and soon the sky would be filled with Eagles and the Eagles would be fighting over nesting places and those who were defeated would no longer be flying; they’d be back on the ground, standing in line, their feathers would be moulting and every now and then one of those Eagles would mutter to his or her self, “Aw shit”. And Bill said “Aw shit” and we all laughed.

These are my friends.

They help me to keep my blood pressure down.




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