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The Rest of Me

The Rest of Me is Fearless,

The Rest of Me is Loving,

The Rest of Me is Successful,

The Rest of Me is Giving,

The Rest of Me is ForGiving,

The Rest of Me  ignores temptation, fear and emptiness.



To ignore The Rest of Me is like walking after sundown on an unlit street,
cursing the
crutches which support my faceless image,
incessant mutterings
and the clamor of conflict
intruding on the Beauty around me.

I need no crutches, nor do I curse them; I simply say “Yes” to The Rest of Me……..

I say “Yes” to The Rest of Me’




Offering one’s sense of self in exchange for the approval linked with conformity to the agreed-upon beliefs of any given group encourages paralysis of creativity among individuals and discourages growth within the groups to which we pledge fealty. The anticipated rewards are stability and a heightened measure of safety.

Our decision on the matter probably occurred during childhood; some say before our second birthday. The rest of our life will be spent learning to live with our decision and using this information to guide us as we mingle with others.


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Curiosity killed the cat, caught the catfish and fed Fred. Curiosity is the key to change, discovery and the next thing. Without curiosity there would be nothing new; there would be no joy, no one to read these words. Curiosity feeds fin, fowl and the hairy beast; it draws us to the stars and transforms chimps to champs as the pursuit of solutions straightens the back, calms the brow and finds more and more uses for finger dexterity.

Curiosity compels those who possess it to improve; it enhances desire and defines progress. Plato possessed it. You and I possess it as does the rat in the Skinner cage.

Curiosity gives way to discovery, change and an opportunity to gather knowledge. What will we learn? Can we depend on what we learn? Knowledge often disappoints. Today’s knowledge is soon replaced or enhanced by tomorrow’s startling revelation. We depend heavily on that which promises to fulfill our need for Truth.

To know only a desire to satisfy the most temporary needs of the moment must be the most desperate approach to life, though I doubt that such knowledge is disturbing to chimps.




A word must not necessarily be in use in order “to be”.
Language is not confined to  words in use or as historical components. As long as there are rules for prefixes and suffixes or roots which imply yet more possible forms there will eventually be users of those extensions.

Kierkegaarde used the word stentoriousness.

Perhaps he was the first to do so.

Perhaps he was the last.

Perhaps he was compelled to speak stentoriously.


There is always one person who knows how to solve problems.  This person will not join others in the process of criticizing anyone. This person may seem to have memory problems but can on the other hand, quickly solve difficult life problems. This person may be an artist or a scientist and will often mention logic and creativity in the same breath.
Since this person is not group oriented and in fact represents less than five per cent of the population one must listen.
Logic and poetry may get your attention.
You may be this person and haven’t discovered it yet.
Listen not for the problem solver; listen for the obvious mistakes and then ask The Big Lover how you did that.

“Dammit, How could this have happened?”


Sandy Abstract B W sent 11 28 2015
“Dammit, How could this have happened?”
I promised you a look at some surprising history of John Scotus Erigena.
“Dammit, How could this have happened?”
We decided to colaborate; I’d do the research working from J.J.’s notes and he’d pull up OFFICE 2016.
“Dammit, How could this have happened?”
But no matter what we did…
“Dammit, How could this have happened?”
Here, let’s try something new and different…
“Dammit, How could this have happened?” or this…