Leaders are self starters but they don’t know that.

Leaders are ahead of the crowd but they don’t know that either.

The reason leaders are self starters is because they are the only one in their camp.

When an idea arrives to fix, to improve or to create they are not usually inspired to say “Hey guys, let’s do this”.

Leaders generally have only one follower, one person on their team; the Leader, the Follower, the Self-Starter  – they are one.

They immediately grab a computer, a paint brush, a chisel with which to create or to discover. The result is then offered to the community

If the contribution shows promise to less creative minds, comes soon a TED talk or a you tube video or the tap on the shoulder from a  watchful entrepreneurial eye whispering a suggestion of possible profits.

And the butterfly flaps its wings and starts the proverbial hurricane.


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