Eriugena aka Erigena

lafayette compound 007


John Scotus Erigena

You’ve probably noticed that I am falling behind on my posts.
It isn’t the pneumonia…
It isn’t the sudden need for more liquid…
it isn’t even the healing medication that has caused me to fall from the ranks the loyal…
It is all that stuff which has buried me in a  mentality of mourning over  the loss of good health.

So today John called. He suggested I leave my domicile and “Lets go buy some groceries.”

We did.

While browsing the shelves for beans and rice and green and yellow veggies (I’m  vegan) a pal of mine began talking about a once, very important middle ages philosopher whose name apparently, few know and who when brought to a new awareness thereof may lift a brow when informed that this man’s name was the brand that remained for a thousand years as the proper historical name for Ireland.

The phrase Erin go Brah is an English corruption of an Irish phrase which in an earlier translation translates to Ireland forever which may explain why the names Erin and Eire remain in use today.

Thanks to my friend  for getting me out into the Arizona sunshine. I intended to pass on more of what you told me but I am kinda – sorta exhausted. Perhaps you can follow-up on this site tomorrow. Use as many or as few words as you need.

Nappy time.




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